Uncle Paul’s “Daily” Rant for 03/01/2018

Good Day, my friends and mishpocheh!

I know… it’s been a while, but, as I’ve explained to some folks, however it may seem, as my studio system is my PC, and I’ve been a busy guy… It just seems that I live on FB (as there’s usually a browser tab open there, whether or not I’m reading it, or my phone goes “ding”)

Life has been fun and interesting of late, not quite a year in our new forever home, but we’re still making it as it should be.  (Yay for the 8×10 storage shed delivered yesterday, and, with my old horrid back, yay for a neat guy whose crew will be assembling it tomorrow… )

Studios about to be as we want them (step-daughters with “Paul, here’s some of your crap… Paul, here’s another box of your crap…” ) and we’ve been busy.

But apologies for being out of touch here… I’m around… just very, very busy and pre-occupied.

Now… today has been, as usual, a quite busy day, but many things have made me rather pensive…

At least for today, I’m just damned sick and tired of seeing so many permanently pissed-off people having dug in their heels, denying anything of reason that doesn’t fit their (invariably extremely right-wing, American-style Evangelical Protestant, “very conservative Republican”) entrenched narrative, apart from which one is obviously not worth listening to…

So, I’m kinda going a different way… Just some things that made me go “Hmmm…”

Those who know me are very surprised about, but do know I’ve got a thing for cop shows… The “Law & Order” franchises, “Blue Bloods,” “Chicago P.D.” and others are things about which this weird old liberal Jewish hippie is a big fan… go figure…

(although I’m proud to say that one of my very oldest friends, since we were 11, happens to wear 2 stars on his collar in the L.A. County Sheriffs Dept.  So very proud of Chief John Benedict and how he’s made his life — Yeah… I’m a complicated dude, y’know?)

Happened to be watching an episode of “In The Heat Of The Night” (produced by the very cool, late Carroll O’Connor) with a high school choir singing what I wish was our national anthem… “America the Beautiful.”

Now, I don’t know how many have ever read Katharine Lee Bates’ original poem, and equally how many have ever read Francis Scott Keyes’ full poem that now serves as our big thing…

For starters, “The Star Spangled Banner” was set to a British drinking song, “To Anacreon In Heaven” that has been unsingable for most, without having spent many hours in a pub, partaking of its wares.

The poem depicts a wistful moment, observing one of the few naval battles the US Navy has ever lost so much… The bombardment of Ft. McHenry, in the Battle of Baltimore.  Mr. Keyes got misty-eyed that, in spite of the destruction the fort, during the War of 1812, the national flag of that time still was aloft on the flag pole.

I get it…

But the rest of the poem endorses the status quo of the time, including chattel slavery of black people, and all the other horrid things that really did exist in society at the time, but hopefully most of us have outgrown.

Our national anthem is based on a war-time poem regarding a battle we lost so many military veterans

Think about that…

Please Google or Wikipedia Mr. Keyes’ poem, but here are the entire lyrics, and then, please see Ms. Bates’ poem, which fit to an arrangement that is singable by even the most tone-deaf…

Which speaks to breaking things and killing people (for what the military actually exists, and that, from the words of one of the heroes of the reactionary right, Rush Limbaugh), but a piece of dyed cloth waving in the wind, inspiring an amateur poet to pen the words, and which speaks to our beautiful nation, as we, in our better moments, hopefully aspire to be?

Just my thoughts, as always, my friends and mishpocheh, but with all the violence growing by the day, both verbal and physical, why do we glorify war and weaponry so much?

I’m a proud veteran of the US Army, a former sergeant and crew chief of a radar crew on a nuclear missile unit, with a security clearance out the wazoo, and all that…

And I still wonder why so many think that, because our nation was truly born in blood, we have no need to outgrow such things.

Below, please see both sets of lyrics… Would love a petition going, would I have any silly idea it would make any difference, but below illustrate why I would rather have “America the Beautiful” be our national anthem, rather than the paeon to war and slavery that we have now…

A piece of dyed cloth is not this nation, which I and countless others swore a binding oath to serve and protect… The ideas expressed in the US Constitution, and, most importantly, the vast number of noble citizens are what I consider my oath to have been about…

And, no one has ever come to me and said that, since my honorable discharge in 1982, my obligation to “Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” has been abrogated, any more than the obsolete but highly classified information to which I was given access as a part of the daily gig… Just is as it is.

The Defense of Ft. McHenry (the Star Spangled Banner) — Francis Scott Keyes

(courtesy of Wikipedia)


O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
‘Tis the star-spangled banner, O long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion,
A home and a country, should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation.
Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the Heav’n rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.’
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave![40]

Cover of sheet music for “The Star-Spangled Banner”, transcribed for piano by Ch. Voss, Philadelphia: G. Andre & Co., 1862

Additional Civil War period lyrics[edit]

In indignation over the start of the American Civil War, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.[41] added a fifth stanza to the song in 1861, which appeared in songbooks of the era.[42]

When our land is illumined with Liberty’s smile,
If a foe from within strike a blow at her glory,
Down, down with the traitor that dares to defile
The flag of her stars and the page of her story!
By the millions unchained who our birthright have gained,
We will keep her bright blazon forever unstained!
And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave
While the land of the free is the home of the brave.

And now, “America the Beautiful,” by Katharine Lee Bates

Original poem (1893)[11]

O beautiful for halcyon skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the enameled plain!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee,
Till souls wax fair as earth and air
And music-hearted sea!

O beautiful for pilgrim feet
Whose stern, impassioned stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat
Across the wilderness!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
Till paths be wrought through wilds of thought
By pilgrim foot and knee!

O beautiful for glory-tale
Of liberating strife,
When once or twice, for man’s avail,
Men lavished precious life!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
Till selfish gain no longer stain,
The banner of the free!

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
Till nobler men keep once again
Thy whiter jubilee!


You tell me, my friends and mishpocheh… I’d say the latter says more about our aspirations.

Until next time,

Keep Resisting!



Uncle Paul’s “Daily” Rant for 02/03/2018

Good Evening, my friends and mishpocheh…
I wrote this as a commentary on a meme I shared on my Facebook wall…  Here is my expansion and further commentary… take it or leave it…

Hypocrisy… lots of it going around these days…

But yeah… per a few of my acquaintance, one of whom for whom being thought well of by the right-wing Nozrim (Talmudic term for ‘Christian,’ used here on my blog for polemic purposes regarding those who would never recognize the rabbi they claim) for whom he’s obviously one of the “Good Jews” who will still burn when their idea of ha-Moshiach (the Messiah) returns, but they’ll still feel bad about it, rather than the thoughts of a couple of thoughtful Jews who actually showed up and attempted reason; it obviously matters more than actually doing the right thing, or actually truly understanding the meanings behind the Masonic obligations he willingly undertook…

Who even dares to put P.*.M.*. after his name (he held the honor of W.M., but doesn’t seem to understand what eternal deep meaning that position has), while prancing around in a US Flag shirt, with the Square and Compass emblazoned, in violation of both the U.S. Flag code, as well as Masonic tradition, with all the fan club applauding… thereby having his reward in the accolades of the crew, but doesn’t seem to care about the approval of the One whom he considers ha-Shem…

The same asserting that the 8 years of blatant disrespect displayed towards Pres. Obama and who still spouts off on his wall as a “liar” and a “traitor,” and still insists on the blatant disses towards Sec. HRC, as, in his estimation, those stands were valid and different, as HRC and Pres. Obama actually were those horrible things of which they’ve been accused by such mindless idiots… and who hasn’t gotten the memo that Pres. Obama is no longer the President, and which office Sec. Clinton does not hold…

..For those for whom the self-designation of “Very Conservative Republican” matters more than our nation and its well-being, and who love the label of “conservative,” but wouldn’t recognize a real conservative if Ike, Buckley or Churchill arose from the grave and bit them on their ample, entitled asses…

 … For those about whom just being a follower of Christianity and viewing the Carpenter/Rabbi with honor and respect and trying to live his teachings is not enough, and the designation needs to be broadcast as “born-again, Spirit-Filled Christian,” and for whom no other path than American-style Evangelical Protestantism is valid, and, of course, only in the “conservative” interpretation they’ve been fed…

… For those for whom the entire narrative they’ve willingly taken as the only correct way to be, and apart from which one is deluded, deceived or demonic…

Your blatant and hateful hypocrisy has been obvious for years, and some of us will never, ever let you forget it…
I don’t hate any of you, but it’s a bit difficult and a bit of a challenge to separate hatred for the bill of goods you willingly bought from my contempt for those of you who damned well should know better, but have chosen not to…

If you have been patient enough to read this far, allow me to own up to that I am as capable of admitting to hypocrisy as anyone should be… But I’m not so convinced of my own narrative that I don’t have the capacity to accept that…

Being disgusted with so many of you is not the same as hating you, but I can understand why some of you fools might confuse the thing…

But, yeah… this is just “political differences” or being a “sore loser” or whatever the hell helps you to sleep at night, while assuring the world that it’s not what everyone else sees…

There are, obviously, a couple of faces about whom I visualize in my thing above, but, as a gentleman, I shall not name them…

But they are, also obviously, poster-children for me for the crap that seems to be so prevalent…

And I can’t begin to express (although I’ve tried) just how deeply it horrifies me to express such things with their faces in my head… and how much it horrifies me to see just how dead-on they fit the pictures portrayed by so many on this side of the boat as to the worst of the worst of the vibe…

But they are, they have stated such openly, and they are proud of it…


May ha-Shem have mercy on this nation… in spite of the worst of our exemplars and our own worst impulses…
Until next time, and, G-d willing and we’ve not been nuked by that time, by some nation that has that capability and , I offer to you, my friends and mishpocheh…
… as always, until such wishes are no longer needed,

Keep Resisting!




Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 12/08/2017

Good Day, my friends and mishpocheh!

OK… not as “daily” as should be, but, please, no disses regarding “truth in advertising.”  I’m getting there… just the old engine seems to require more maintenance these days… I’m getting there… <chuckle>

I happened upon a friend’s wall, whereon the person was expressing his anger at those that, admittedly, do seem to be aping the Republicans in their defense of Al Franken as he has tendered his resignation from the Senate…

I wrote the following in answer, with some additions, amplifications and edits for this, my own blog…

… Maybe it works for you, maybe I’m talking out my ass, as I have been known to do occasionally, my friends.

Big difference, my friends, is that whenever it’s a Democrat, that person generally does the right thing, as Mr. Franken is doing…

The Republicans circle the wagons, elect whichever bastard, as long as said prick is not a Democrat, and it’s all about party over principle…

Saying that both parties are identical, and they all suck is a cheap and easy answer, and quite simplistic, as it seems some commenters across the web are asserting…

Both parties are not alike, dammit, and the Orange Julius Caesar, his minions, and the rest of the crap prove that out…

The Republicans count on the fact that those to their left are always willing to eat their own, and thereby, clearing the playing field to install such buffoons as they have, in order to advance their obsession with obtaining power and authority, at the expence of decency, comity, caring, and heart… It’s all about authoritarianism on steroids… Please see, if you’re not already aware, Prof Altemeyer’s wonderful work on authoritarian leaders and followers, as well as Dr. Shmuel (Sam) Vaknin’s works on toxic and malignant narcissism.

Prof. Bob Altemeyer’s “The Authoritarians”

Sam Vaknin’s Site

The questions are easy, as are the accusations… the answers take a while, and those that are all about instant political gratification forget that at the peril of all of us.

While we are busy beating our breasts and trying not to be assholes, they are doing their thing, and damn the cost.
And, while we can sit out here and bemoan the evident fact that the default situation of our country is that there are realistically only 2 viable parties, it is what it is. 3rd-party purity or sitting on one’s ass as a statement of “a pox on all their houses” contributed to the situation in which we now find ourselves.

There are lots of “well, it would be great” instances, but we live in this reality, and, while doing our damndest to make positive changes, we also have to deal with the situation as it is presently, and, if one has some wisdom, trying to figure out ways to throw sand and monkey-wrenches in the gears without landing in prison, or just hand-wringing over how much things suck…

I’m no spring chicken… I’ll be 61 in February, but if this weird old autistic, major depressive, long-haired, bearded, Jewish hippie was willing to put my bod on the line in uniform, and is perfectly willing to lay it down again, so can you… Just takes a lot more thinking and a lot less bitching.

As always, my friends and mishpocheh, it’s not my intent to piss off anyone who doesn’t deserve to be pissed off at me, but such as it is.

May what is supposed to be a season of joy, peace, cameraderie, love and generosity find all those things in you, regardless of the framework of a faith path in which you try to live it out.

It may be more difficult to find, these days, but it still is a pretty cool world, and there is still some love and joy to be found… just that it takes a little more work to find it, and entirely too many folks would rather not expend the effort…

May neither you nor I be among those I described…  I’m willing to ask the questions of myself.

Are you?

And, as always, dear ones:

Keep Resisting!




Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for December 1st, 2017

Good Day, friends and mishpocheh!

It’s been a very long time, but we’ve been really busy around here getting settled in our new home in Albuquerque, NM!

Had the time and energy this morning to write this as a long post on FB, but realized in a “Doh!” moment that my humble little home away from home here still exists!


Sorry… I’ll try to do better….
Scrolling across FB this morning, it’s obvious that the right-wing propaganda has been working… Didn’t really start until Reagan, kicked in, full force, during Bill Clinton’s term (e.g., Rush Limbaugh’s infamous “America Held Hostage” countdown, among so much else), and then FNC, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Breitbart, RedState and all the rest that goose-stepped convincing the precisely 1/2 of our nation that is below average, and the 1/3 that is willfully ignorant and functionally stupid, regardless of formal education, but always miseducated…
This nation is nowhere near the one in which I grew up, served in the military, and have watched decline for more than 40 years…
I was 17 when Nixon resigned, I was a few months too young to see service in the jungle, but count as a VN-era vet… I was outraged by the Reagan admin’s criminality, and the Shrub administration’s mind-boggling rapaciousness… So I’m no damned Pollyanna…
This shit, and the very loud and incoherent voices among the supporters of the orange asshole, have risen to a level none have ever seen…
The 1800’s had their own weirdnesses and horrors, as well as the willfully ignorant, else Mark Twain wouldn’t have had so much fun mocking them…
But this? We’ve got a likely senile asshole presuming to lead, with every utterance being more unhinged, insulting and outrageous than the last… Now remember, this is the guy with the military officer always in the room, or marching 3 steps behind and to the left, with a certain big briefcase cuffed to her/his wrist…
We have the next in line being a dyed-in-the-wool Assemblies of God dominionist, converting from an at least reasonable RC background… while seemingly otherwise sane, he will be the one with the officer…
Going down the line of succession, can anyone point to anyone on that list who would be acceptable in any way?
Fortunately, with Flynn having pled guilty to lying to the FBI (with such a comparatively minor charge, no doubt he offered Mr. Mueller, esq.’s team some really juicy information), I think this is about to the a rare instance where shit is actually flowing upward…. and me just about out of popcorn and no beer yet… but the day is young… *smile*
As always and ever, my friends and mishpoche,

Keep Resisting!

(obviously it’s working, although the cretins are bringing themselves down by their own words and deeds)



Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 07/21/2017


Been a while… lots going on!


Good Evening, Mishpocheh!

Oh, my goodness but it’s been quite a while, and the Daily Rant has been ridiculously absent…

Thank you for your patience, and I beg your indulgence, as we’ve been working so very hard to acquire this lovely house in NW Albuquerque, about a block south from the Rio Rancho city limit…

And, it is now not just a house, but our forever home, and I am deeply in love with the home we have named “Idyllwild.”  And my lovely wife and I could never be happier than we are at this moment.  We have a beautiful home in a very hip city, I have my own music studio set up in one of the 4 bedrooms, my gorgeous lady has another for her art studio, and there’s one more bedroom reserved for the presence of anyone of goodwill who knocks on our door.

This has been the impediment, if such it is, to blogging much more than the occasional comment on someone else’s blog, and the reason for my being so very silent lately on this blog I’ve chosen to do, and mea maxima culpa for my absence, but it’s been worth it.

Trump is still an asshole, his supporters are still so very blind, and nothing much has changed, and nothing at all has changed for the better… My offline real life has been so very much more appealing..

But I’ve arrogated the responsibility, in my own small way, for commenting on the current state of affairs, and I shall resume being the gadfly again, over the next few days.

We are now, for the first time in years, in a situation to say that we are home and at home, so my rants shall resume.

Politics and the ridiculous clown parade in DC have taken a back seat to real life… And, when all’s said and done, real life is much, much more appealing than current events about which I really don’t believe I make much of a difference…

But, so it is, and I’m somewhat returned…

I’ll consolidate my thoughts over the next couple of days, and will attempt to be more regular…

Suffice it to say, though, at present, it’s obvious that Mr. Trump’s statement regarding that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and it wouldn’t cost him any support is likely the only honest statement the bastard has made in his pampered, entitled life…

Once again, I find myself asking just what the hell it would take for his die-hard supporters to have a waitaminnit moment…

I suspect that, for many, it’s an ego problem… they know they screwed up with their abject support for the jerk, but deeply resent anyone saying, “I told ya so.”

G-d forbid, were I to have voted for the fool, and, seeing the results of such, I’d own it, but that’s just me.

There was one in one of my circles of life, decades ago, whom I asked if there was even the barest possibility that that person might just have any of the package of “stuff” to which was subscribed in any way wrong…

The vehemence of the “No!!!!!” I received said volumes… and this was really a Tea Partier, a couple of decades before there was such  thing…

Once again, I’m gobsmacked, and have to ask once again…

Just what in the bleeding hell would it take for any one of those people to admit that the current situation is not good, and that it might just be necessary to get over the fear of admitting error in any way, and work with folks like me to try to fix this fiasco?

What the hell would it take?

Nevertheless, as always, dear mishpocheh, with Shalom Aleichem wished to you, one and all,

Keep Resisting!



Uncle Paul’s “Daily” Rant for 05/15/2017

Good morning, my friends and mishpocheh…

I know it’s been a while, but buying a house in Albuquerque and getting our aching old asses out of Texas in general and El Paso specifically has consumed a lot of time and energy and has been a priority.

Just wanted to share with you a posting I made on a particular FB group regarding Mother’s Day, the antics of the presumed “First Family” and what seems important in that very strange family.

On another FB page a thread from some Trumpeteer lauding the folks inhabiting the WH and Trump Tower simultaneously, there have been some discussions on what has become a grand and a half of comments. Lots of folks slut-shaming Ms. Trump, and some just being really foul…

That said, I don’t pity the woman, as I have used the old fable as an analogy…

A frog gave a scorpion a ride across a river, only to be stung to death reaching the other shore… All the scorpion said as the frog was painfully dying was “What did you expect? I’m a scorpion, and you knew what I was when you picked me up.”

Let she or he who has ears to hear think about that for a moment.

I’ll grant that the woman has likely been having thoughts about just what the hell she got herself into, but she got herself into this thing… Obviously she has no interest in any of the sort of things the spouse of the sitting President usually does… She likely figures that this “President” thing is his thing, and she wants no part of it… Can’t blame her for that, but perhaps growing up in a former Soviet bloc country inspired greed for lucre… She has to know that she’s merely eye-candy and a trophy wife for an orange bombast who only loves himself, and what he can get out of things.

The one that has my sympathy is the young 10 or 11 year old, Barron.

He didn’t ask for the particular family in which he was born, and I will grant that, from all I’ve seen, Ms. Trump seems to dote on her son… Trump obviously doesn’t give a half a shit, apart from the occasional photo op…

And did the orange bastard bother to spend any time with any of the 3 women who bore him children? Nope… he was out on his Trump National thing in Virginia… playing golf…

It was Mother’s Day, fercryinoutloud… I would have loved to have spent the entire day with my lovely wife and my late mother… The former was a given, and it was a lovely and gentle day… The latter, I so deeply regret that it’s not possible, as Mama passed in March of 2015… But I damned sure wouldn’t be out with the fellas playing golf (I don’t play golf but would like to learn), or as is more likely, out in some bar without my wife, blowing my sax… It ain’t that kind of a day, and whether or not anyone thinks it’s a fake holiday, it’s been a thing since the 1850’s, and I so wish I could have spent the day with my Mama…

Trump is, has always been, and always will be, until his taste for greasy potato chips and Big Macs gives his flabby heart a waitaminnit moment, a selfish and self-centered bastard… May such be soon and drastic, BTW.  At this point, though be forewarned that that statement may be seen as hateful to some…

Not sorry, though, and “Frankly my dears, I don’t give a damn.”  (h/t the late Clark Gable)

I’ve had a few people that seem to be members of that rapidly shrinking Cult of Trump who have made snide comments, and some whose hair seems to be permanently on fire…

But, y’know… most people, even amongst those who voted for the schmuck are having second thoughts…

Soon… well… y’know that toxic sludge left in the coffee pot after it’s been left on all night? That is, to me, an apt comparison to what are the epitome of Trump’s statement during the primaries that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and he’d still have yuuge support…

So, as always, my mishpocheh, but now more than ever,

Keep Resisting!



Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 04/10/2017

Just a few personal Pesach (Passover) reflections

Good Day, my mishpocheh!

My lovely wife and I are enduring jitters, awaiting word regarding the house we have chosen as our forever-home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I stated in a comment on my Facebook wall that we are seriously done with the state of Texas, and, while there may be some that will comment “good riddance,” to those, I have offered that the feeling is mutual.

I also stated, as a statement to which I willingly bind myself, that for our true friends, the door will always be open.

Now, on to business…

There are those, amongst my acquaintances, friends, and other relationships, that have no understanding of Judaism, nor the vast landscape of such faith’s adherents…

A clue for some… The Jewish faith is not the same thing as the Likud Party of Mr. Netanyahu, nor is it a carte blanche for kicking people off the lands they and their ancestors have occupied for untold generations.

The season of Pesach (Passover), as well as the Christian observance of “Holy Week” is an observance that the Hebrews were strangers in a strange land, and were slaves in another country, whether or not the actual history matches the Tanakh…

We remember that we were, and have been for more than 3,000 years, seen as “foreigners” in the lands in which we were born… Even in comparatively recent history, we Jews were seen as aliens in the lands in which we took birth…

Yet, we’ve elected a bombastic, pugnacious and cocky jerk, who somehow found it necessary to appoint those with nothing better to offer than so-called “white supremacism,” papering it over by seeming to say that his son-in-law, Mr. Kushner, is one of the “good ones.”

Let’s also remember, my mishpocheh, that a certain insane and bizarre Austrian corporal depended on a Jewish physician to keep him up on amphetamines, pain-killers, and other meds… Some Jews are useful to even their sworn enemies…

We, or in our name, have blown a few holes in the Syrian desert, with half-a-C-note of Tomahawk missiles, with the Syrian airfield being back up and operational within 24 hours, and that makes this jerk seem to be “presidential.”

Weapons of mass-distraction, anyone?

Yet, none of the children living in abject terror  will be considered for admission as refugees to our shores, as, as Amb. Haley said, their parents have to come with, and gee… maybe they harbor some animosity against their attackers. (You, me, and all of us here in this nation)

I’ll remind you once more, then close out for the day, that the Hebrews, per the Torah, were strangers in a strange land, and were commanded to welcome the stranger, as they were such themselves.

But, yeah… let’s go bomb some brown people who call G-d by the same name that Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians call him…

A blessed Pesach to those of my faith, and a memorable and reflective Easter to my Christian friends, as well as a blessed Ostara to those of the faith of my lovely wife.

No matter what, though, my mishpocheh, I, as always, will remind you to

Keep Resisting!