Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 01/25/2017

Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant, 1/25/17
The nation held hostage edition

While some are still expecting us to rally around the Orange Julius Caesar, join hands and sing Kumbayah, and make nice, the bastard is wearing out pens, blasting away the rights of millions of Americans with Executive Orders… No Congress involved.

Sound familiar to… oh… 1930’s Germany? I got slammed by a former friend for daring to make that comparison, while he’s prancing around in a shirt that’s a violation of the US Flag Code, and getting lots and lots of attaboys for it…

And when, not if, things come crashing down, he and they will go to their graves, muttering about “traitors,” “libtards,” Obama and Clinton… (neither of the latter two are in office, BTW)

Anything rather than ever, ever admit that their “opinion” is nothing less than bullshit and moonshine, a fantasy they’ve allowed RW media to build in their heads, and they’ve made one serious mistake.

We have 300+M souls in this nation… of that, I’d guess that 200+ are eligible voters… Of that, app. 74 million bothered to get off their entitled or “a pox on all their houses” and actually vote… of that, more than 3M voted for Sec. Clinton than for the bizarre fascist bombast…

Those of you who voted 3rd party, asserting your sacred “conscience” over the good of our country, and continue to believe the worst of the bullshit about Sec. Clinton, or butt-voted and stayed home? While you didn’t vote for Sec. Clinton but some noble but unelectable Don Quixote “so you can sleep at night” Dammit, you bear guilt for this travesty as well…

In any and every legal and moral way, Let the Resistance begin.

2 thoughts on “Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 01/25/2017”

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