Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 01/27/2017

Haters, Traitors and Sore Losers


Hmmm…. let’s see…

Seriously unstable narcissist, obsessed with being spoken “nicely” about, unengaged with the actual day-to-day requirements of the job he wanted so badly, and for which his sold-out sycophants and fanboys and girls still crow about, while still continuing to prance about in their US Flag shirts, and whine about Pres. Obama and Sec. Clinton (so who, exactly, can’t get over it?  Hmmmm???)

There is a whistleblower in the White House, who was shut down for a bit, now seems to be back up, still a proud Republican, but seriously freaked out about what he witnesses, and wondering just what the hell he got himself into (Cue the usual suspects… “Lies!  All Lies!  You’re just a hateful libtard and a traitor, who wants our president to fail!  He’s a saint!  He’s a demigod!”  (OK, I made that last one up, but the others I’ve heard and been subjected to, all the same)

The man still is insisting on building some “big beautiful wall” that will cost, by some estimates, 64 billion dollars, short of declaring war against Mexico, there’s no way to force them to pay for such a travesty, and guess who will be stuck with the bill?

The man still insists on getting up in the wee-small hours, and hitting the Twitter, on his, I remind you, Unsecured Android device… (and, as an honorably discharged Army SGT/E-5 who held a Top Secret/Crypto clearance and an IT guy for nearly 30 years, I kinda know a few things about that).

We’re treated to the spectacle of the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader not knowing what the hell to do except rally around their guy, and appear extremely nervous and soft-spoken on various venues.

Yet, as said before, there are those that seem to have some abject terror of admitting that, maybe, just maybe they might have made one big honkin’ mistake… In the face of overwhelming evidence, they’ll still continue to wear the flag, and with glazed-eyes, continue to assert that “Happy Days are here again,” or would be if it weren’t for us haters, traitors and sore losers…

…and continue to their dying days to blame Pres. Obama, Sec. Clinton and all of us out here who get our information from more than the most batcrap, hard-right-wing sources they consider legitimate news outlets.

I’ll close today’s rant with this:

Some are “Well, we just need to pray and believe G-d will work it out.”

I’m reminded of the story of the guy, trapped in a flood… as the waters rose, a raft went past, asking the guy on his roof if he’d not like a ride.

“Nope, I’m just trusting in G-d”

A motorboat went past with the same offer.

“Nope, I’m just trusting in G-d”

As the floodwaters were going over his nose, a helicopter offered a ladder

With his dying last breath, yep, you got it… “I’m just trusting in G-d.”

When he finally met with The Boss for his exit interview, he whined, “Why, Lord?! Why?!”

And G-d said, “I sent you a raft, a motorboat, and a helicopter, and you’re cheesed off at me?!”

Have a wonderful day, all, as much as you allow yourselves, my mishpocheh (family) and as circumstances permit.

Keep resisting!


3 thoughts on “Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 01/27/2017”

  1. So, we may be causing a trade war with our nearest ally and we’re talking to Putin tomorrow. We all need to be resisting in all ways we can. Good to read this.


    1. And again, I’ll never speak about Putin without…

      Col. Vladimir Putin, KGB

      That organization exists today, with much much better tech., and a shiny new name… but he’s the BFF or our new “President,” so let’s just all join hands and rally around the schmuck

      Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

      Thanks for the comment, dear… Much appreciated


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