Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 01/28/2017

Shabbat Edition for Holocaust Remembrance Day, vs. Donald Trump.

Good day, mishpocheh (family) To those for whom it matters, Shabbat Shalom and Gut Shabbos!

There was a beautiful and poignant article on Crooks & Liars today, from a dear Jewish lady who was outraged by Mr. Trump’s speech in that he somehow neglected to even bother to mention Jewish people.  Hell even Col Vladimir Putin, KGB did that much!

The link is here:


Go ahead and read it.  I’ll wait.

[drumming fingers… drumming fingers again]

Back now?  Good.  My Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant consists of my admittedly wordy response, with a few edits and additions added for you, my friends, for here on my blog.

Hey, if you’re going to go big, go bigly


Shabbat Shalom, and Shalom Aleichem.and thank you for this article, sister.

My Grandfather had the either luck or sense to emigrate from Galicia, now Poland, in the early days of the 20th century. I believe Grandfather was born around 1889 in Galicia, in a shtetl. He was Orthodox, in the manner of the Kushners. There were some relatives (2 sisters and a brother, Great Aunt Ruby, Great Aunt Ruth and Great Uncle Albert came with I believe) that decided to stay put. Those relatives have been part of the Polish ground-cover for generations

The Orange Julius Caesar has no curiosity about such things, spouts off the things he thinks will gain him accolades, attaboys and maybe a buck or two. It’s all about him. When he’s trying to be sincere, he comes up with crap like this.

Really, I suspect he was looking at his watch, trying to figure out how to get out of there, and go back to watch Fox News and stay up late Tweeting from his, I remind you UNSECURED Android device. (as an aside, I wonder how long it will be until his account is hacked by some enterprising soul in a country that really doesn’t like us very much… One well-placed direct insult, and it’s on… He’ll try to find out who it is, and threaten to nuke that whole country. (“We have nukes. Why can’t we use them” actual quote, QED)

And wackiness will then ensue.

He wasn’t trying to be malicious… he just doesn’t give a damn.He cares not about anyone, anything but himself. I pity his young son, Barron, as, at 10, he obviously adores his father. His father, on the other hand, goes through the motions, awkwardly, to appear the doting father to make people think he’d care about another human being besides himself.

His son-in-law is a non-Hassidic Orthodox Jewish guy (like my Grandfather and his namesake, David H. Gould, Jr., my late Uncle Dave, the first-born of 3… Pop was the baby of the family), his daughter, Ivanka, converted.

[permit me an aside, Rest in the Bosom of Abraham, Pop… Julian S. Gould, esq., April 15, 1924 – May 29, 2004… Hey Pop! First one in the mishpocheh to make it to 80!  I miss you so]

… wiping eyes a little… being a little verklempt is understandable…

Back now…

Trump uses them, his daughter and son-in-law,  as convenient props to try to make himself look good in other peoples’ eyes, or in the mirror, but he has no love for my (and your) people… has no hate, either, it seems… He just doesn’t give a damn, and is obviously bored with the whole damned thing.

By voting for him, voting 3rd party, or, as is in the main, butt-voting by staying home, all or at least a great very many, have either caused or enabled this travesty…

I’d say, “You broke it, you bought it,” but that does little good when the entire planet is at risk… We’ve all bought it in some or many ways… either way, if we who give a damn pay, no one else is exempt, either.

Consider these things:

He is needlessly antagonizing and insulting our neighbor to the south, one of our traditionally staunchest allies, once all the squabbling was done… Their country has a lot of its own issues, I’m aware)

He is going forward with the boondoggle of his pet “bigly, bestest and most beautiful” wall, no doubt with his name in cheap gold-tone on every other brick. He keeps insisting that Mexico will pay for it. They say, “Oh, please… that’s a no.” What the hell is he going to do? Order his pets in Congress to declare war? That’ll end well.

His BFF is Colonel Vladimir Putin, KGB (I’ll never refer to the autocratic schmuck in any other way) KGB still exists, just with a fancier name, and lots and lots more tech than in years past. So… ?

Mr. Trump, all week, has been dismantling every positive thing he can from the Obama Administration… things that have worked, things that have helped people, things that matter… out of what? Petulant spite that his predecessor is orders of magnitude more popular even than he, Donald J. Trump, aka #notmypresident is despised?

From his attention span, obviously he doesn’t read the documents on which he’s wearing out G-d knows how many pens, so how difficult would it be for some devious staffer to insert any number of things? He doesn’t read the damned things… Just signs them then shows them off with that constipated bulldog expression that he thinks makes him look like a tough guy.

He is ruling (not governing… EOs do not involve the House or the Senate, or the SCOTUS) by Executive Orders and Twitter (again, on an UNSECURED Android device.)

And again, as said before and elsewhere, with apologies to T.S. Eliot,

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but with Twitter.

Again, Shabbat Shalom, dear fellow descendant of Red Sea Pedestrians.

Shalom Aleichem and L’Chaim to you and all other commenters here of goodwill, whether Jewish or not. We’ll get through this somehow… I hope (if not, it’s a workable mantra).


Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart, the cockles of my cockles for reading my foolscap, and for the support and caring you have shown me by visiting.

Shabbat Shalom, Shalom Aleichem, and L’Chaim!

For Shabbat, I offer you my own paraphrase of a story about Rebbe Hillel, a generation or so before Jesus. It’s my own paraphrase of the story, so bear with me, please.

It seems the good rebbe was walking down the road, when, like Bill O’Reilly’s pet “ambush journalist,” some buffoon accosted him and demanded he recite the Law and Prophets while standing on one foot.

Reportedly, the good rabbi raised his foot, and recited the Sh’ma:

Sh’ma Yisroel
Adonai Elohaynu
Adonai Echod

Baruch Sh’em K’vod
Malchutov L’Olam Va’ared

Hear, O Israel
The Lord, our G-d is One

And you shall love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.
(rough translation)

And the good rebbe appended, “And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.
Everything else is commentary.”

Rabbi Hillel put his foot back down and went on his way.

Keep resisting!
We can do this!

2 thoughts on “Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 01/28/2017”

  1. Thanks, Paul, fo the rant. You are right in thinking he is a narcissist, and he is all show. I weep for my country and its future, even as I promise to do everything I can to keep my country whole, and our freedoms intact. Rant on!


    1. Thank you, dear friend. Yeah. was an old blog I’d signed up for and fiddled with for a while, then haven’t touched it in about 6 years. Cleaned out the raccoons, took the plastic off the furniture, and gave it a new coat of paint… Since FB’s text formatting frankly sucks, and stuff gets lost amongst all the kitty pics, game shares, kitty pics, rightwing diatribes, and… oh, yeah, kitty pics… This is a lot more comfortable, easier to read I can pontificate to my heart’s content, and it’s pretty cool.

      Going to be doing it here, and linking from FB, from my wall, and one or two other venues, one of which is a closed group where I was made an admin and offered “write what you want, when you want.” Was honored.

      And, apparently, stuff is getting read here, per today alone. (of course the blast of invites I sent out last night probably helped… Gotta prime the pump!

      Thank you, nice lady… comment any time you wish, share if you think it would be useful, and y’know, maybe I can play a small part in ensuring we all survive this very weird thing in which we’ve found ourselves.

      Best, and with love,



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