UPDR, 01/28/17, addendum

Regarding Pres. Trump (must . not . gack at that set of words, and his speech at the Holocaust remembrance day, I offer the following:

Obviously reading it and not very well.

President Obama was a marvelous orator and spoke extemporaneously often, with a healthy sense of humor, especially about himself.

He was criticized by many who hated and hate him, for his verbal pauses… He wasn’t being stupid, dude has a 140 IQ (150 and above are required for Mensa membership) He was pausing to gather a thought, and select the absolutely correct word or phrase… Intelligent people do that. And especially when he went off-the-cuff, he was able to project that, at the least, he really and truly gave a damn. I imagine he personally wrote his farewell speech, and anyone that wasn’t moved by it has no soul, or just hates the man so much that all s/he hears is “blah blah blah bibbity blah” (around this house there wasn’t a dry eye)

Trump has no sense of humor apart from punching down… He is incapable of making a positive statement without tossing in some gratuitous insult. His behavior is all about punching down.

I thought Bush the lesser was intellectually incurious, but when he screwed up verbally, was usually able to self-deprecate, and give that trademark “Heh-heh.” (dude has an above-average IQ, but it’s been sitting in a jar on a shelf somewhere)

This guy has no real sense of humor, especially of a self-deprecating kind… Oh, no… not he… He blusters, bloviates and bullies his way through every public statement.

My disgust and outrage have no bound.

Yep, Uncle Paul is righteously pissed-off, and that’s not likely to subside any time soon

Shabbat Shalom, to any and everyone for whom that matters.

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