Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 01/29/2017


So, according to the article below, the WH, true to their boss’s stance of “never apologize, never admit error, never back down,” they’re spinning like rotors to say why it wasn’t a big deal that they neglected to mention Jews in the Remembrance thing.  Their “justification” is that lots of other folks died in the camps…

Let me say at the outset, that that is true… Romani (gypsies), LGBT, members of the German Socialist Party and others did as well.

But Hitler specifically targeted an entire category of people worthy of extermination, long before, in the prison, Landsberg am Lech, where he wrote his Mein Kampf and Zweites Buch.  The others seem to have been, as horrible as this sounds, more of an afterthought…

As I said, my late Grandfather, whom I am so looking forward to meeting on the other side of the bridge, was born in 1889.  Very early in the 20th century, he either lucked out or was prescient, and he came here to the states, with a few relatives.  The family name was changed to “Gould” (about the only relationship I can figure between Elliott Gould and myself, is that his Bubbe and mine likely were on the same boat from the Black Sea.  The original family name?  Polish and likely unpronounceable… <smile>

The Trump WH is trying to massage the thing to “well, we just want to include everyone who died in the camps.”

Pardon me, but that’s 50 pounds of bullshit in a 20 pound bag, but if nothing else, this current administration of the Orange Julius Caesar seems to have at least gotten a handle on that.

I’ll close with the link to the article on the blog where I’ve been rather family since just after they started ~15 years ago.

Please also see the “Non Sequitur” strip underneath the link.

Shalom Aleichem, Mishpocheh

Keep Resisting!



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