Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/01/2017

OK… to some, maybe I got a bit too much into my own head, this morning.

Just to say that yer ol’ Uncle Paul’s got some health concerns, being checked out early this afternoon… No panic, no freakout, but some concerns.

Nevertheless, I’d like to share a conversation with a person of goodwill on <mumble mumble> blog…

Happens to be that I’ve subscribed to a boat-load of blogs over the decades… Have formed some lovely friendships with those I’ve known for 15+ years, and are dear friends, but unlikely to meet face-to-face this side of the Rainbow Bridge…. The Magic of the Brave New World of on-line living.

Nevertheless… enough wool-gathering… This was regarding Reuters News Service counseling their reporters to treat the Trump regime as they would any other authoritarian regime.

I refer you to Prof. Bob Altemeyer, Univ. of Manitoba’s massive work, “The Authoritarians.”


I’d highly recommend his (free!) work to anyone who’s wondering what the hell has been going on…

Prof. Bob is neither specifically “liberal,” “conservative” or “very conservative.”  He’s a scholar.

Heady stuff, but considering that Kellyanne spouted off that they’d boycott CNN because they wouldn’t toe the line.:

So, here’s the conversation…


Paul Julian Gould

When there is one man I know who pranced around in a shirt made up of the US flag (flag code violation), while literally posting “A great day needs a great shirt,” and “Happy days are here again,” (on the 20th), and his “friends” and family took to spamming my FB wall with the most batshit stuff (since blocked)

… and when so much of the “discourse” from that side is nothing more that “We won, you lost, suck it libtard,” I’d offer that “minions” is a serious understatement.

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    And about the above person I mentioned, he had a big, honkin’ Masonic Square and Compasses patch over his heart…. (Those who know me and are friends even offline know about whom I refer.  The rest?  Nunya, but take it as an object lesson.)

    Now, I happen to be a proud, at least 3rd-generation Freemason, and a brother of the 32nd Degree… any other records were destroyed by the Nazis in Galicia/Poland… So please don’t hear me making that an issue…

    But the US Flag Code was written for a reason… Those of us who don’t worship a symbol, but look to what it symbolizes, tend to treat some symbology with some respect.

    The man to whom I refer, never served in the military, although I believe his brother did, went on a tirade on Thurs. 01/19 night, going on and on regarding “Marxism,” “treason” and all sorts of other nasties, regarding Pres. Obama and Sec. Clinton, neither of which are serving in office) as “just my opinion.” Next posting was begging for Kumbayah and getting behind the Orange Julius Caesar…

    The beginning of the end was when (oh, did I mention the dude is Jewish, as am I? And that the lion’s share of his “friends” are American-style Evangelical Protestants who proudly tout the Tea Party vibe?) I posted my military and security creds, yet didn’t back down from calling out the hypocrisy and double-standards.

    Suffice it to say that the majority of responses which followed me to my own wall, and, kludged all together is “We won, you lost, get over it libtards… and we’ll get along just fine once you realize that we are right and correct.

    Some people were whining that “You’re dropping 20-year long friendships because of a difference in opinion.”

    Yet, for the past 8+ years, these same ones have been posting the most hateful, Breitbart Fox n Friends, Redstate, WND and all the rest, with nary a hesitation, nor even a glimmer of thought that such “outlets” are insane…

    Always and everywhere, whatever fits the narrative, whatever sounds good in their own heads, and whatever else…. It fits the narrative, it’s in,,, even if it’s written by a paranoid schizophrenic in a hospital for the criminally insane…. “It fits the narrative? Yee-effin’-haw.”

    Not going to be a pretty even few months… and the emeffer’s only been in the chair, completely in over his head, for… what… 11 days? Yeeeeesssshhhhh……

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