Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/02/2017

So many countries, so little time

Good Morning, Mishpocheh!

So now the orange man in the White House is doing his best (or the “best” of his surrogates) to seemingly go down the list to see whom he can piss off the most, and get us into a war, for no better reason than to stoke or stroke his ego.

He’s rattled the saber with Iran, now… missile test or not, they’ve been on our side in the fight against ISIS/ISIL:


He’s been on a phone call with the Aussie PM, which transcripts seem to show was condescending as hell:


With his spokesperson doing as she always does, blaming other people, just like her boss.

And now, Steve Bannon, Mr. Trump’s chief political strategist, and co-founder and editor of Breitbart saying it’s inevitable that we’ll be at war with China with 5-10 years.


Keep it up, folks… eventually you’ll piss some country off enough that you’ll get the war you want…

Kinda like the line in “Patton:”

“There goes old ‘Blood and Guts'”

“Yeah… our blood, his guts.”

Yet, it won’t be any of the charlatans in this Brave New Administration that will be doing any of the bleeding, unless an enemy takes out the beltway.


Has it only been 2 weeks?

Have a wonderful day, my mishpocheh.

Keep Resisting!


NB and Edit:



Just thought you’d find it interesting…


Basically, “I’m sorry the guy currently in the big chair is a batcrap narcissist, addicted to his Twitter and unable to carry on a normal conversation without insulting someone.

My prayer for today, “Please forgive us, as we know not what we’ve done or enabled.”

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