Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/03/2017

A Fortnight of … Fun?

Good Morning, Mishpocheh!

Before I launch into today’s rant, I’d just like to offer my undying gratitude to my readers who were so kind as to wish me well with the health issues.

Upshot is that I’ve apparently got some serious scarring on my left vocal chord, which has caused me to go from normally singing and speaking with a low-baritone to high-tenor range, to sounding like Joe Cocker with a seriously bad cold.

Surgery has been planned for the 17 of Feb., to take care of that, and, while they’re there, a biopsy just to make sure.

All the kind and good wishes, even from people I don’t even know is humbling, and I thank you all.


Now, on with business.

It’s now been, as of today, 2 whole weeks since the coronat…. errrmmmm… “inauguration.”

So, how have the past couple of weeks gone?  Oh, my…

I’ll offer just one day… within the past 36 hours:


Then there’s Ms. Kellyanne Conway…

As an aside, if we can find out her salary, we’ve got a baseline as to the current market value of a soul…

It seems Ms. Conway is attempting to smear the last occupant of the big chair by saying his Iraqi refugee thing caused something she called the “Bowling Green Massacre”

For anyone that doesn’t know, there’s no such thing.  What it was:  a couple of Iraqis, residing in Bowling Green, KY. were arrested for having formerly been supportive of Al Qaeda or one of the other groups…

I had the honor to meet and speak with many Iraqi  and Syrian refugees, a decade ago, at….

Wait for it…

St. Michael’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles… Yes… they were Christians… in whose Arabic language Bibles the name for G-d is…

again… wait for it…




Then, there’s the matter of Mr. Trump taking the opportunity at the “Prayer Breakfast” to diss Arnold Schwarzenegger and ask for “prayer” for his ratings, as the bombast thought it an appropriate venue to lob yet another insult at someone else.

Mr. Trump can’t say anything nice at all about anyone without tucking some insult in there.

(to those who will say, “Oh, now, Paul, he was just joking.”, I’ll remind you of two things… there is a time and a place for all things, and if he was “joking,” I saw the video… no one was laughing)

I’ll go ahead and close with the reminder that the man has only been in office officially for 2 weeks now… It’s going to be a long, long slog… But I’m slogging along beside all of good will, reason, common sense and decency.

Have a wonderful day, Mishpocheh!

Keep Resisting!



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