Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/06/2017

Not enough face left for palming, apparently.

Best blessings and prayers and wishes for at least some sanity, my mishpocheh…

And with each antic from the occupiers of the nation’s capital, if a palm-print is somehow necessary, if my hands are missing, they can just print my face… <lol>

What, oh what have we allowed ourselves to become?

When a prominent spokesperson (who, by the way, is looking a bit rough around the edges… in a reverse Dorian Grey, the portrait in Ms. Conway’s attic must be drop-dead gorgeous)… when this person presents misstatements and flat-out lies as “alternative facts,”  when the senior editor of Breitbart is the … gag… “president’s” personal Rasputin, when the Orange Julius Caesar is either dyslexic (no shame in that, but he’d see it as a personal affront), or functionally illiterate… when an executive assistant is tasked with tweeting his brain-farts in the middle of the night, so far insulting at least 6 other countries who have been at least cordial rivals, and some as devoted allies…



And when the dude’s spokespeople have to resort to a defense of Fidel Castro, whom they once characterized as some sort of demon from hell… (he blew their cushy deals with Batista, and incurred their eternal enmity)


What in the hell have we either wrought or enabled?

Once again, with deep apologies to T.S. Eliot

“This is the way the world ends;

Not with a bang, but with Twitter.”

Personal note, we’re busy fighting what intestinal yuck my grandson brought home from school… Infected his mom, his granny, and I’m a day or so behind her…

So my daily rant may be a bit later in the day than usually, (ordinarily written about 0-dark-thirty most days… oh, please… not for a few), but I’m so gratified that my mishpocheh and friends seem to find something useful in my musings.

So, it’s a thank you for your support, interest, and prayers, or best wishes… I’m humbled that my little corner of the internet seems to garner some interest.

Have a wonderful day, my mishpocheh, and

Keep Resisting!



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