Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/07/2017

At what point will enough be enough?

Good Day, my mishpocheh…

So, here we find ourselves, not even 3 weeks since the assumption of “The Throne” by Mr. Donald J. Trump

And what do we have to show for ourselves?  Ah, me… let me count (some of) the ways, and you know I will…

We had a raid on a compound, where the purported target wasn’t even there, yet 30 civilians and 1 US Navy Seal lost their lives…

And this, for no better reason than soothing the Orange Julius Caesar’s ego by convincing him he could one-up the previous occupant of the Big Chair:


We’re subjected to the ramblings of a certain Ms. Conway, who, contrary to her words, it’s not the first, but at least the 3rd time she’s rambled on about some “Bowling Green Massacre” bullshit…


(NB:  As stated before, if we can find out her salary, we’ll have a fair baseline as to the price of a soul)

And we’ve got one Mr. Alex Jones, who, in comparatively saner times, was relegated, as he should be, to the tin-foil-hat lunatic fringe, who is one of the favored “pundits” by our current Cheeto-In-Chief, who now openly states “I’m ready to die for Trump.”


Yet, my friends and family, we’re subjected to those in our circles of life (and I’ve got ’em too) who tell us any of the following:

  • We just need to get behind the President… He was elected, and he’s now there.
  • You just need to get over it… We won, you lost. (as they continue to insist on spamming us all with memes and paranoia regarding Pres. Obama and Sec. Clinton… neither of whom are in office, BTW)
  • Well, G-d’s in control, and we just need to trust that He will work it all out. (a cowardly brain-fart if I’ve ever heard one.)

So my major point in all this rambling diatribe (and, admittedly, it’s all over the map, as… well… save us from toothy little fishes, there’s just too much to cover…..)

… my point here is that if (in an alternative universe), Pres. Barack Obama would have done half of the things, or even a fraction of not even three weeks of his first term in office, there’d be calls for assassination… oh… wait… there were, for reasons, I suppose…

If Ms. Clinton had been elected and such things as the military sword-rattling failure and all the rest have occurred… the calls for “Impeachment, Conviction, and Hanging” would have been deafening…

I’ve stated before that among the short list of things that piss off this old hippie are hypocrisy and double-standards, which is where we are… yet I was informed by one that it’s somehow different, as, in their “opinion,” Sec. Clinton, Pres. Obama and all the rest really were Marxists and traitors… 

Thus, here we find ourselves… Proceedings for impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors, perhaps?  

Or, are our elected officials such cowed and disheartened sheep that they’ll go along to get along?


I’m certainly pleased with any and everyone of you who’ve graced me with your visits and your kind comments and support… (still will never ask for bucks… If I can’t afford the annual “Personal” thing on WordPress, I’ll stay with this, the “Free” edition.)

Again, I am deeply humbled and more appreciative than you could possibly know, that I have a modest readership of this blog, you who know that I believe I’ve got something to say, and that you find it at least interesting.

Keep Resisting!




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