Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/09/17

Obviously, yesterday’s initial statement was rhetorical…

Good day, my mishpocheh… Oh, dear friends and little fishes, where to start?

We are now, three weeks under siege from a man that rules (not governs) by Executive Orders that he obviously doesn’t read, and the 140 characters or less Twitter mechanism.

And, yet, some are still arguing that we should give the schmuck a chance, join hands, sing Kumbahyah and just line up and submit.

We’re now burdened with the confirmation of a proven and documented racist, in the person of Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, in spite of the negatives that might just make his tenure one of going backwards 150 years…

We now have, in the person of Ms. Betsy DeVos, of some really dubious family connections, and a proven and documented enemy of public education, the Secretary of Education…

The man who lucked into the big chair in the Oval Office is paying back political debts, with no thought for what may be best for our nation…

It’s not that the man is consciously treasonous… the bastard just doesn’t give a damn…

He’s willing to take to Twitter to diss Nordstrum for daring to make a business decision regarding Ivanka’s clothing line…

He gets his “news” from Fox, and publicly stated that any negative poll numbers are “Fake News” and one should mistrust the legitimate press in this country.

I once asked a former friend just what the hell it would take for him to have a “waitaminnit” moment to maybe pause and examine his hero from a dispassionate standpoint…

The answer I received said volumes… in effect that I’m just a sore loser, intolerant of an opposing viewpoint, and basically that his hatred of the previous President and the Democratic Party candidate for the Presidency was a righteous, holy anger, and was justifiable.

My lovely wife reminded me yesterday, and I edited the blog accordingly, that I generally don’t invest myself personally in my blog postings…

So, here I stand, I can do no other… This current administration, 3 weeks into its tenure seems to be more interested in payback, and breaking things and killing people, and propping up the Orange Julius Caesar as some sort of “tough guy.”

May I just offer that my disgust at the administration, the guy at the top, and those that insist on justifying, rationalizing and unquestioning support of the Bombast-in-Chief has exceeded what were formerly the bounds.

Take it or leave it…

A wish for a good day, and the blessings of ha-Shem, my mishpocheh.

Keep Resisting!






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