Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/12/2017

Abject Apologies, my Mishpocheh…

Yer ol’ Uncle Paul’s been taking a couple of days off, due to this weird intestinal thing that’s been infesting our locale… seems to be that it took a day or so off, then swung around and whapped a bunch of us again…. Ah, well… at least lucid enough to rant today.

So, Shalom Aleichem, my mishpocheh!

Where do we start?  The “Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight” is doubling down…

Never mind that Gen. Flynn has been called out as a liar and a traitor, for discussing Pres. Obama’s sanctions against Russia BEFORE the general election…


Never mind that Ms. Conway, “president” Trump’s mouthpiece shilled for Ivanka’s clothing line, only to resort to the typical “she was only joking”


Never mind that even Republicans in Congress are debating the Orange Julius Caesar’s mental stability…


Yet, there are quite a few of my acquaintance that are still seriously sold out to the dude, as they’ve imbibed, whether from “pastor” or some secular pundit, that however corrupt, insane, and fascist the modern day Republican control is, the D side just has to be orders of magnitude worse…

What is the worst that could happen were their pet structure to be proven false?

To me, it might just mean a “waitaminnit” moment for some… others, it would be devastating to find out that the foundation upon which they’ve built their lives is cracked and substandard, and their whole little narrow house of cards will come crashing down around their ears…

I dunno… frankly, as so many of those of my acquaintance are at least my age or older, they should have known or learned better decades ago… but it seems that the comfort of a binary set of thought-processes was more acceptable.

And, then, still, there are those who justify that they honestly thought the strange orange bombast had the best “vision” for this nation, and that we just need to “trust G-d that He’s in control, nevertheless.”

Oddly enough, ha-Shem didn’t seem to be in control while they were drinking deeply at the fountain of batshittery before the fact… yet He’s invoked to bail them out of their responsibility?

NB:  It has been brought to my attention that there are those confused by my use of the phrase “ha-Shem.”

It is a very Jewish expression, referring to “The Name” as an appelation for G-d.

For myself, I tend to normally refer to G-d as “The Boss” (with apologies to Mr. Springsteen… my Boss outranks you… <grin>)

So, once again, with a heavy sigh, I offer you, my mishpocheh, Shalom Aleichem, and I remind you to:

Keep Resisting!



2 thoughts on “Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/12/2017”

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