Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/14/2017

So Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn has resigned… and Mar-A-Lago leaks like a sieve…

I… I just… does no one else realize the abject lunacy of what we, as a nation, have wrought?

After weeks of denial, Mr. Trump’s National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. (ret) Michael Flynn came clean and admitted that he provided the Russian Govt. with information regarding Pres. Obama’s sanctions against that country, implying that a Trump presidency would remove them.

And now, all the surrogates are on national talk shows, and their willing, sold-out drones amongst our fellow citizens,  asking, once again, for “bygones,” and expecting a Kumbahyah moment because, supposedly, “Pres.” Trump is the new-guy, just a NY bumpkin, unaccustomed to y’all’s big-city DC customs…





A few new things to chew on, my friends, if this is not chilling enough.

Mr. Trump hosted the Japanese prime minister at his resort in Florida, Mar-A-Lago.

Fair enough.

But, here we go… Some things to consider.

  • Regarding the North Korean missile launch, Mr. Trump took the call, sitting at an outdoor, Unsecure restaurant table, with PM Abe there, and who knows who was sitting at a nearby table?  Membership at Mar-A-Lago is $200,000.  No questions asked, regarding other… ummm… “affiliations.”
  • To add insult to injury, there is a certain wealthy patron, who has been a big-time contributor to the Trump presidency, and joined Mar-A-Lago a week before the inauguration, when membership didn’t cost quite as much.
    • http://www.rawstory.com/2017/02/i-cant-believe-it-internet-loses-it-over-apocalyptic-selfie-of-trump-fan-with-the-nuclear-football/
    • There is a certain military officer who follows the POTUS 24/7, 3-steps behind and to the left… This officer has a big-honkin file case handcuffed to his wrist. Contained therein, are the codes and protocols for authorizing the use of nuclear weaponry. This officer is, by design, not necessarily anonymous, but rather subdued about his or her role… Normally, the officer tries to stay out of the public light, as far as necessary.
    • NB:  Since the man with more money than sense decided to go on Twitter and post a photo about the officer and himself, complete with comment… what gives?
    • C4jf-fFWcAADrJs (2).jpg


This, my mishpocheh, is the same sort of crew that spent untold tax dollars on more than a dozen “hearings” regarding Benghazi, still persist in insulting former Pres. Bill Clinton regarding such things that are really none of anyone’s business.

This is the crew that, even on Facebook, post such abject hatred and nonsense still, regarding Pres. Obama, Sec. Clinton, and those of us who supported them.

This is the crew that, nonetheless, expect us to “move on” and “go forward” regarding these scandals that really are actionable events regarding national security.


Personal note:

Today is my 60th birthday… just kind of a “wow” moment, not a bad thing, but more of a matter of “well, here I am… Have I learned anything useful up to this point?”

I’d like to offer a deep and abiding thanks and respect to all that have sent me PM’s, FB postings, and all, wishing me well.

I love y’all, my mishpocheh and I offer you Shalom Aleichem, and, as always:

Keep Resisting!



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