Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/15/2017

OK… I’ll admit that there’s much that confuses me these days…


But what has never made any sense to me is how so deeply invested in a vibe one is that any variation from that vibe seems to inspire a primal and visceral terror…

Case in point (and knowing yer old Unk, how could I avoid it?), our current mis-Administration.

(oh… BTW… good evening, my mishpocheh… <embarrassed grin>)

The proposed Cabinet is hemorrhaging personnel, the resigned National Security Advisor still faces some serious questioning from bi-partisan Congressional committees at the least, let alone from some other agencies of our security system, the Orange Julius Caesar is slamming the national security agencies (never a wise move for any president, BTW), and the supposed “liberal” media, rather than working on his own political household…

And, yet… I was treated to the spectacle of a person who shall remain nameless, due to otherwise personal respect, and that she’ll never read this anyway…

This person decided that yesterday was a perfect opportunity to post some ridiculous meme done by a fringe FB group referring to itself as “Conservative Patriots,” documenting a supposed laundry list of “crimes” attributable to Pres. Barack Obama, whom, lest anyone forget, is not in office.

So, clue me in here… Is this an example of “yeah, we suck, but you guys suck, too!” or just misdirection, or what the hell?

I’ve seen some folks… some of whom, for sanity’s sake I just had to unfriend and block… a very few I am not FB friends with, but never comment… just so I can see what the lunatic fringe is about these days… I’ve seen folks that are desperately grasping at whatever straws at their disposal to, apparently, avoid the uncomfortable idea that they might just have a few, if not everything wrong…

Welcome to being a grownup, folks… I much prefer the example of the character of Gil Grissom in the original CSI : Crime Scene Investigators, when he was accused of never admitting he was ever wrong.

Grissom’s answer was priceless:  “Oh, I’m often wrong… it’s how I get to right.”


We are now faced with the spectacle of a retired Lt. Gen. having provided information to the government of Russia, prior to the Nov. election, regarding the sanctions imposed on that country by the gentleman who actually was the POTUS at the time…

We have POTUS whose executive offices are being blocked out of reception of classified information, as the 3-letter agencies know precisely who is listening.


I’ll not belabor the point that the purported “Administration” is shedding people, inviting federal investigation for a raft of issues, and that the so-called “Boss” can’t either stay the hell off of his UNSECURE Android device, tweeting his every brain fart, and also finds it acceptable to conduct the nation’s secure business in a publicly accessible part of his Florida resort, where he tends to spend each and every weekend…

Oh… pardon me… “public” as far as anyone with (currently) 200K USD can join…

No questions asked… no “affiliations” required, obviously…

So, my mishpocheh, I once again wearily offer you Shalom Aleichem, and offer that, however thankless a task it may seem… it’s a mitzvot (a good deed recognized by G-d, as it’s done without expecting a return)…

Keep Resisting!



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