Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/21/2017

A Well-Oiled Machine?  Seriously?

Good Day, My Mishpocheh!  Glad to be back among you! (gratitude and explanation at the end of today’s rant.)

We have  President who can’t stay off Twitter, and who even makes an address regarding the horrid anti-Semitic acts and hoaxes around the nation all about him.

And, we have a Vice-President who is finding himself in the position of even going to Brussels to do nothing better than damage-control due to the late-night habits of his boss, tweeting whatever brain-farts occur to him at that hour… and due to his habit of “shooting from the hip” and giving unscripted, long, rambling and, frankly, batcrap addresses…

And we have his sold-out supporters (who seem to be invested in “Well, however evil the R’s are, my favorite right-wing media, my FB subscriptions and my pastor assure me that the D’s are orders of magnitude worse”) who seem to grasp at any straw to try to prop up the dude and his mis-administration, and give what amounts to nothing better than cultish behavior… Because, as it seems, in a binary-thinking mindset (good/evil, a/b, is/isn’t, 1/0) if one thing in the vibe is proven wrong, the whole thing might come crashing down…

We have, in the Secretary of Education, a person who has no understanding of public education, except that she hates it.  We have a Secretary of the EPA (signed into law by a radical Republican President, one Richard M. Nixon… which shows just how far to the right that Overton Window has moved) who has spent his career railing against the department he now heads.

We have, in the person of Mr. Steve Bannon, a man who has publically described himself as a “Leninist,” (which is really weird, considering my next statement). This is a man who stated he was all about bringing down all the traditional institutions, who ran (and still maintains tight connections with) one of the most hardcore, ultra-rightwing websites on the planet.  And, he is one of the closest and most senior advisors to our current President.

There have been many leaks of information regarding the chaos taking place in the West Wing, the morale amongst the 2nd-tier staff in the crapper, and yet it seems to be more important to #45 and his senior staff to try to ferret out the source of the leaks, rather than explore the reasons why such folks feel the need to get the word out.

All the while, Pres. Trump is given to stating that his admin. is running like a well-oiled machine, that every news organization excepting those that tout his party-line is an enemy of the people of this nation.

There is a career CIA official who just resigned, as he says he can’t in good faith serve this administration:


That, to me, says quite a bit…

And, for those that just think it’s dandy that the First Lady invited all at Mr. Trump’s “all about me” rally to pray the Lord’s Prayer, while there are multiple more important issues than this, your humble blogger is Jewish… I have friends and family who are Christian (in one of the myriad expressions or another), there are friends who are Muslim, Hindu, Pagan and many other expressions of spirituality… Yet, it’s just fine that the First Lady of the US invokes an expressly Christian prayer, with, seemingly, no understanding that such may or may not speak for all the people… For some of my acquaintance, it’s also indicative that, however much they happen to be convinced that their path is the only correct one, this doesn’t make it so.

There are so many other things I’ll address in a further rant, but this is today’s.


Personal notes:

I’ve been off the blog for a few days, my mishpocheh, due to an issue with my throat that’s persisted since last August.

I had surgery on my throat last Friday, and I’m pleased to say it’s nothing worse than an ulcer/lesion on my left vocal chord.  We live in El Paso, Texas… 100 years of ASARCO (smelter) which also burned plenty of other items over the decades, the residue having settled in the Chihuahua Desert sand, 150 years of Ft. Bliss and whatever military yuck settled, and high winds that present all of that to anyone susceptible… I’ve had horrid coughing fits over the past year or so, and it seems to have hit the vocal chord.

I’ll not belabor the concern over what such a thing could have been… I’ll just say that I’m delighted it isn’t, and that each day sees me with my voice coming back.

To all who have PM’d me, FB’d me, and otherwise contacted me with their best wishes, blessings and prayers, I’m eternally grateful for your love and your concern.

For better or for worse, Uncle Paul’s back on the air and feeling feisty and curmudgeonly… <big grin>

Blessings to you all, may you have a good week, and, always remember:

Keep Resisting!



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