Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/27/2017

It’s been a few days, I’m aware… deep apologies

Good day, mishpocheh!  I beg your indulgence, as yer ol’ Unk has had some health issues… Delighted that my throat surgery was successful, that the issues were “only” an ulcer/lesion on my left vocal chord, and that my voice is finally coming back, for the first time in months… since this past August, actually.

I haven’t taken a hiatus, precisely, but just haven’t really been up to ranting for the past week…

I’m back, and thank you all for the support and the kind thoughts and prayers… ha-Shem obviously heard them, as each day has seen serious improvement!


OK… on to business.


Mr. Trump’s chosen spokesbot, Sean Spicer, is so troubled by the leaks from the staffers that he’s taken to confiscating personal and government-issued smartphones and devices.  Never mind the reasons why whomever the staffers have reasons for trying to get the word out… never mind that there is more than one staffer/2- or 3-tier personnel doing it… and never mind that at least one leaker has stated that she/he still remains a dedicated Republican who is appalled by what’s going on in the West Wing…



Never mind that Pres. Obama served 8 years in the big chair with the only “scandals” being those manufactured by his opponents, that his family conducted themselves with dignity due their positions… never mind that both Pres. Obama and his noble spouse took whatever mocking in stride and played along with the vibe with humor and thick skins. (OMG… Ms. Obama was slammed unmercifully for baring her shoulders and arms [never mind that Ms. Trump has nude photos that Pat Robertson dismissed as “art photos”] and for suggesting that kids in school might want to eat healthier)

I remind you, mishpocheh, that Pres. Trump has been in office for a month, by which time his predecessor had already signed the Lily Ledbetter act into law (basically equal pay for equal work), and many other positive measures.

Presently?  We have a guy that can’t keep his fingers off his … ahem… UNSECURE smartphone and is still given to late-night tweeting marathons, slamming his perceived enemies, and conducting the nation’s business in 140 characters or less.

The guy is such that other nations have been holding formal debates as to whether or not to extend invitations for state visits.  The guy is such that so many people asked to take a position in the administration (the latest being who was asked to be Secretary of the Navy and withdrew his name for consideration) … folks who actually have consciences have realized that their credibility would be damaged by association… http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/26/politics/navy-secretary-nominee-bilden-withdraws/

This is the true Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight, yet those of us who voice our outrage are the “haters.”  All the news media are described by the Orange Julius Caesar as enemies of our nation, unless they unabashedly and unequivocally speak well of him…

Yet, we have among us so many that resort to quoting the most batcrap, ultra-rightwing sources and blogs to try to bolster their convictions that the man can do no wrong, and any criticism is seen as near-treason…

That old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times” is in serious operation, and I’d love to find the fool who invoked it and throttle such a person with all that’s in me.

Ah, well… so here we are.

May you have a lovely week, my mishpocheh, and always remember,

Keep Resisting!



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