Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 03/02/2017

Good Day, Mishpocheh!

Yer ol’ Unk’s not been as “daily” as I’d like, but we’re getting there.

There is so much going on… Some see it as nothing more than folks on the port side of the boat being “sore losers,” and all that…

Big diff happens to be that there is nothing folks on this side of the aisle have manufactured, and that there are real issues about this current administration that can’t be explained away by the Fox News talking points.

As an aside, is anyone who is not totally sold-out to the Orange Julius Caesar (and I know a few who seem to be… any criticism doesn’t fit their narrative, so it’s just … well… whatever they claim it to be, rather than the truth), Mr. Trump’s predecessor was able to regularly conduct a speech, a talk, or anything else without chewing the carpeting, climbing the drapes, or swinging from the chandeliers.  That Mr. Trump’s latest address, to a joint session of Congress was more soft-spoken, the guy gets a pass on everything he said?  Seriously?

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (whom some have described as rather a dark elf…) can’t seem to decide if he misled Congress, lied, or just “misspoke” regarding any personal contact he had with Russian diplomats, and is being asked by both D and R people to recuse himself from any hearings regarding the “Russian Connection” issues between the Trump campaign (and now Administration), and up until now, the man has refused…

Sen. Rand Paul has stated that he sees no reason for the Republican Administration to decide to investigate what issues would have been trumpeted to the high heavens, and occupy every daily news cycle under the previous Administration.

And the current occupant of the West Wing, as he kept a comparatively moderate “tone” during his speech, is seen as a latter-day Mr. Rogers all of a sudden, and since he didn’t foam at the mouth and spit flames, he’s now somehow “Presidential” …

There’s trouble in River City, friends, but, since there are so many among us that are convinced that no matter how corrupt and batcrap the Republicans are, the Democrats just have to be orders of magnitude worse, and “deluded, deceived and downright demonic”… ’cause… reasons… (not good ones, mind you… just what they’ve gotten from Breitbart, One America News Now, WND, Fox News and their “pastor.”)

When we have professional diplomats, who have served under both Republican and Democratic administrations mourning the “Death of America,” there’s no happy-talks, “G-d’s in control,” or disses at people like me that can explain away what is now taking place, my mishpocheh:


I’m sorry if this posting is such a downer, but dammit, there’s not one helluva lot of good things one can say, manufacture or try to use as a positive…

“O, Brave New World that hath such people in it.”

So, as always, it’s with a weary heart that I ask you, mishpocheh, to

Keep Resisting!



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