Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 03/05/2017

What would it take???!!!

Good Evening, my mishpocheh!

Reasonably back to normal (or at least as anything about me can be considered “normal.”  <chuckle>

On to business…

There have been times over the past months where I’ve asked various people for whom the Orange Julius Caesar seemingly is incapable of error, exactly what it would take for any one of them to have at least a pause… at least a “waitaminnit.”

It seems that for some, the man could stomp a live kitten, scoop it up and eat it, and wash it down with the blood of a newborn baby, and they’d either disbelieve it, figure he had a good reason, or just figure that somewhere, somewhen, a Democrat (or “Demoncrat,” as they seem to prefer) has done the same thing, or worse, and said Democrat would undoubtedly be either in the Obama or Clinton families…

It seems that some are fearful that if any part of the entire parcel of stuff upon which they base their entire existences were to show up as wrong, then the whole package will come crashing down around their ears.

Case in point, yesterday morning.

It’s become as regular as the tides that, once Ivanka and Jared Kushner vacate the halls of government by sundown, Friday evening through Saturday evening at sundown, for their observance of the Jewish Shabbat, at some point Mr. Trump will haul out his (again… UNSECURE…) Android phone and go nuts on Twitter, with whatever cerebral flatulence that somehow meanders from his brain to his fingers. (invariably after consuming many hours of Fox News on the tube and Breitbart online)

So, yesterday morning, the guy blasted out a series of tweets accusing Pres. #44 of tapping the lines in the Trump Tower…

Mr. Trump is either lying, mistaken, or this is a bigger thing than Watergate ever pretended to be…

For your somewhat humble ol’ Unk, I’d place my token on either option 1 or option 2.

Intelligence agencies are saying they don’t know what the hell he’s talking about with his accusations that Pres. Obama ordered such a thing…


And others have stated that should any FISA court have OK’d surveillance, while the ruling itself, and any details would be classified, unless unclassified by the POTUS (yeah… that’ll happen), then no president can order such a thing… It was put in place that a president can’t, after the Nixon/Watergate fiasco of the mid-70’s…

From my readings, the FBI requested a surveillance thing, due to spurious communications with the Russian government… Apparently, the initial request was denied by the court, due to its being overly broad…

The FBI re-wrote the request, narrowing the focus, and the FISA court approved the request.

For those of us who don’t depend on InfoWars, World Net Daily, Fox and Breitbart, that a FISA court permitted such a thing indicates that there was some evidence that needed exploring.

Such things are really not much out of the ordinary, in the times in which we live, but there’s a different emphasis and awareness when the sitting president does a series of tweets accusing his predecessor of basically treason, then follows it up with an ad hominem insult against Arnold Schwarzenegger regarding the latter’s departure from The Apprentice?

A weird dude that a certain fraction of the mass of eligible voters decided was a stable, mature and competent president…

Personal request… would someone among his keepers either take away his phone, turn off the TV, or convince the officer with the so-called “football” (the big briefcase cuffed to her/his wrist with the nuclear launch codes, and certain other items) to just say “No?”

What a weird-assed week this is shaping up to be…

So, my mishpocheh, as always,

Keep Resisting!




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