Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 03/06/2017

Weirdness abounds…

Good day, my mishpocheh!  (I never could get the hang of Mondays, but here we find ourselves nevertheless… <smile>)

After a casual perusing of Facebook and a few of the blogs, it seems that there are still so very many that are inexplicably so sold out to justifying and rationalizing everything about Mr. Trump and his cadre of strange people…

Some of these people have been those who, over the past 8 years, insisted on accusing us who were never blind, nor expected perfection from President Obama, of seeing him as our “Messiah.”  (as a Jewish guy, that has the added deal of being rather blasphemous to me)

Yet the same folks seem to idolize the current occupant of the West Wing, with a degree of adulation that borders on cultic…

President Obama never has been a “Progressive,” and even stated himself that some years back, he’d be seen as a rather moderate Republican…  But for 8+ years, including the night before his first inauguration, the right wing insisted on saying “No” and obstructing every single initiative the man supported…

Those of my friends and mishpocheh that know me on FB as well are quite aware of the food-fight that was engaged a couple of months ago on my wall… Somehow, their 8 years of diss, of rage, of supreme disrespect, and of any story, no matter how guano, and no matter from how discredited a source, that would show Pres. Obama (and then of Sec. Clinton) as being some sort of evil mastermind, while, at the same time, being an inept boob… somehow, some of my acquaintance had the ovaries or balls to say that somehow that was all different.

I asked yesterday “What would it take?”  And I really did ask that question of some, who never had an answer to me… Would the man have to devour a live kitten, washing it down with blood of a newborn baby?  Would he have to grab the female genitalia of one of their family?  What the bleeding hell would it take for at least one of them to at least pause and consider that the “star” to which they’ve hitched their wagons really is an incompetent, unstable and out-of-control, or lacking in any self-control, man that is in over his head?

There are those that are single-issue people, and, since Mr. Trump decided it was more advantageous to make all the “anti-abortion” noises during his campaign, those folks figured he was the only viable choice.  It doesn’t matter to such people that the man is not “pro-life” in any way that label applies (and spoke in favor of freedom of choice all the way up to the campaign for the primary)… that he is given to ranting at zero-dark-thirty against his perceived “enemies” and those who he believes have crossed him in any way, that his predecessor, by name, has now been accused of “tapping his phones,” following the 11-tweet tirade with the inclusion less than an hour later of an unrelated insulting tweet regarding former CA Gov. Schwartzenegger’s departure from Trump’s former reality “The Apprentice” show…

These are things that make me go “Hmmm…”

I will remind some folks who are all about the weirdness that a certain bizarre former Austrian Corporal had things about which they would approve…

The one to which I refer was anti-abortion, as long as his targets were white “Aryans,” was a vegetarian, did not permit anyone to smoke tobacco in his presence, and believed he was fulfilling the “will of G-d.”

I’m disgusted at a large number of my fellow citizens who have bought into the whole package of stuff, that to be a “good, G-dly person,” one also needs to go all-in for whatever the Republican party is, in its most extreme form.  What gives?

I am a liberal Jewish man, Progressive, generally, in my political views, but mostly subscribe to a “live-and-let-live” personal policy, as long as such does not infringe on the rights of either myself, my family, or those whose equal rights are under siege.

But, for some of my acquaintance, I’m either deceived, deluded, or downright demonic, as I refuse to subscribe to an all-or-nothing, binary-thinking, one-way-or-the-other and nothing in-between way of thinking and believing.

I don’t get it, I don’t want to get it, and I strongly suspect that, were I to fully understand such thinking, I’d be seriously diminished by the effort.

What is described as “conservative” these days is not, I’ll offer… But there are some that unthinkingly followed the path from true conservatism to the caricature of the vibe it is now… and such just wandered along, unthinkingly, spoon-fed the stuff until they’ve built up some serious tolerances for the drug that would OD most people.

Again… what the hell would it take for such to at least pause and reflect?  (silly me… such folks don’t reflect much… too much work, and they’re too invested in their individual vibes, rather by fear, exhaustion or whatever)

Couple of links for you to peruse, mishpocheh, and I’ll then close out for this morning.



Here’s a wish for a good week to you all, my mishpocheh, and always remember:

Keep Resisting!



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