Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 03/20/2017

Hiya Mispocheh!  Back amongst the family!

Everything’s fine… had throat surgery, as previously stated, a few weeks ago, and the old baritone’s coming back gradually… We went house-hunting in Albuquerque (or, as I prefer, “Albuquirky”  ) and found our forever home that we’re pursuing the purchase…

Then I had to go in for a procedure that, while attempting to avoid being gross, should have been done 10 years ago… one of my birth issues was an intestinal obstruction, which the correction enabled me to be in 1957 medical records as a survivor of the procedure… Last time I had a colonoscopy done,  I was 12 or 13, and the scope looked like a stainless-steel bazooka… Fortunately, the technology has improved greatly, and if you have a really hip anaesthesiologist with a great understanding of Propofol to knock you out while they insert this object, I assure you that you will find that life is good, Baruch ha-Shem!

Please, my mishpocheh… especially if you’re 50+, it’s painless, good drugs, and a happy after-glow when the nurse wakes you up… and you never know…

I apparently had some sort of benign polyp, and within 4-5 weeks, I’ll be assured of either “You’re fine” or “Get your affairs in order”

I’m confident that it will be the former. I’m tough as hell to kill, trust me…

And then today I had to be a citizen and report for jury duty… since it was a drug-related homicide case, I’m so damned grateful to have the judge say that I was free to go…

Any way…

On to business…

I’ve asked this question of others in the past 18 months or so… just what in the hell it would take for them to at least have a “waitaminnit” moment… to at least pause and reflect on what and whom it is that they think they are supporting…

For the American-style Evangelical Protestants among us, who insist on also using the qualifier of “very” before their descriptions of “Conservative Republican,” this is a guy who’s been married 3 times, who seems to trade the previous model on a new one, 5 kids in total, who couldn’t make an accurate Bible quote if his life depended on it. Yet the Democratic Party and those of us who proudly claim the label of “liberal” have been so effectively demonized as “anti-life,” “communist,” “Marxist,” or otherwise deluded, deceived and downright demonic, to be unnecessarily alliterative about it…

We seem to be inundated with an inordinately large number of folks who have been convinced that, no matter how corrupt, batcrap, insane, and vicious the Republicans are, because “pastor” or other pundicts have convinced them, unshakeably, that we to their left are orders of magnitude worse…

I’ve no links to share with you, my friends, at least not this evening… just delighted to be among you once again, and wanted to share my thoughts.

Love Y’all, and always remember:

Keep Resisting!



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