Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 03/26/2017

Good Sunday, my mishpocheh!

Deep apologies for being so out of touch… Lots of life going on, including all the work acquiring our dream and forever home in Albuquerque, NM (gorgeous place… quite affordable, and just, damn!  <lol>)

Plus, without going on, ad nauseam, had a couple of medical issues that turned out great, but am still dealing with… there’s an end to it, and it’s a good end… these too shall pass…

So… on with what’s going on…

The current administration, and their sycophants, have suffered a bit of a loss, in the so-called “Trumpcare” AHCA punitive plan going down in flames…

The Republican “Freedom Caucus” (aka Tea Party) in the House voted against it as giving too much to the needy…

The moderates (and yes, surprisingly enough, there are some in the House… who knew?) are horrified that it seems that every campaign “promise” Mr. Trump made pre-inauguration, he actually meant… They seem to be shocked that the broad and sweeping “policies” affect more than those “other people” but their actual living, breathing constituents.

Add to this that, relating to a Facebook conversation in which I’ve been engaging with both a gentleman I’ve known since he was in 4th grade and I in 7th or 8th, and a new friend…

This is the 8th weekend Mr. Trump has retreated to his Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Florida, ($200,000 membership fee and patience for an opening, no matter whom one is), at a cost of at least 3 million dollars, US, and adding the cost of flying Ms. Melania Trump down from Trump Tower for a photo-op, then the retreat back to NYC, all the security involved, an Unsecure location (speaking as a guy who held a TS/Crypto clearance and knew that certain unsecured locations were verboten), and then all the cost to businesses in the city of Palm Beach, who are barely above water due to the tourism fall-off on these weekends…

I remind you, my mishpocheh, that these are people, up to the guy they either voted for, or enabled by butt-voting or doing some sort of “conscience,” 3rd-party, Don Quixote gesture, who have spent 8 years scrutinizing every moment of free time the previous occupant, Pres. Barack Obama, took… They screamed, every time the man took off for a round of golf, before getting back to the work at hand… They shouted whenever Pres. Obama made an annual trip to the state of his birth, Hawaii (yes, he was born there, birthers)…

So Mr. Trump, in the time since Jan. 20th, has cost the American taxpayers more, for his frivolities, as well as apparent marital difficulties (Ms. Trump must be asking, “Oh, hell… what the hell did I get myself into?), than the entire Obama family cost in 8 years…

The hits seem to keep coming, yet Mr. Trump’s most ardent supporters (some among my acquaintances) insist on rationalizing and justifying every single utterance, every single action, and every future projection this charlatan proposes, and his staff tries to explain.

It may sound disgusting (and I’ve been accused of having a “vile imagination” by a commenter on another blog… Meh… is as it is…), but I’m convinced that Mr. Trump could devour a live kitten, washing it down with baby’s blood, on camera with full hi-def video and audio, and his supporters would figure out a way to justify, rationalize, or explain what had happened…

His continued retreats to Palm Beach engendered a question from a friend, who asked “Can’t he stay in D.C.?”

My answer:

Or, like all other Presidents before him, a break at an already secure location as Camp David.

The only requirement for membership at Mar-a-Lago is $200,000 and patience to wait for admission. The only requirement for leasing a suite or 2 in Trump Tower is whatever exorbitant fee is asked… hence, where the surveillance on the place came from… There were Russian “businessmen” leasing space… Is it the Intel. Community’s fault that there were folks like Flynn and others actively taking part in the phone conversations?

It’s hypocrisy at its finest, considering the past 8 years of obstructionism… But folks want us to just smile and say “Bygones… let’s move forward and forget the past.”

2 things…

Paraphrased from Santayana’s thoughts, those that forget history are condemned to repeat it.

It will do the country no good if continuing to move forward sends us off a cliff.”


This is a symptom of the dysfunctional travesty and fiasco taking place within the Beltway of Washington, D.C.

Again, I ask… What the hell would it take for anyone among the Orange Julius Caesar’s devoted followers to have an at least “waitaminnit” moment?

Are people like me so “deluded, deceived and maybe downright demonic” that such folks would be terrified of looking outside the tent?

I don’t know… I have no real answers that would be perhaps workable… I’m not a politician… just an old musician and composer that has dreams of acquiring a J.D. with a minor in Political Science…

But damn… All I, at present, can do is as I suggest to you, my readers, with every blog posting…

Keep Resisting!



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