Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 03/30/2017

Again, what would it take?

The hits just keep rolling in… far from “libtards” like me would it be to try to bring this neo-fascist regime down… They need no help from such I, a reasonably humble old sax player and writer who is never and nowhere near as smart as I think I am…

The Russia debacle will not be denied, even as #45 insists that mere meetings amongst other officers of state do not equate to secret meetings with Russian business people who have also extensive dossiers as Russian intelligence agents…

Our Tweeter-in-Chief can shout all he wants that anything positive about him is the real deal, while anything negative is “fake news.”  Of course, the former tend to be such from Breitbart, Stormfront, National Enquirer, World Net Daily, etc., and the latter tends to come from those who actually are legitimate journalists… Every time Mr. Trump tweets about his characterization of the NYT as “the failing New York Times,” their paid subscriptions grow by orders of magnitude.

There are some of my acquaintance, and some having been or are in my circles of life, in some way or another… These folks voted for Mr. Trump, as, whether or not they like his style, they’ve so deeply imbibed of the dogma that, however horrid the modern-day Republican Party may be, those of us to their left, even if only slightly, are deceived, deluded, demonic, and future residents of the Lake of Fire.

So, we’ve got a thrice-married, bombastic blowhard that these people would rather cut their throats than disavow the Republican Party and it’s very bizarre standard bearer…

I’ll not share any links, as I’d rather this evening’s rant stand or fall on its own merits…

Just that this weird old Jewish, Masonic, liberal hippie is disgusted with a pretty sizable number of my fellow citizens…

For some, I thought I knew you better than that… obviously, I was quite mistaken.

I also, lest I be seen as a complete misanthrope, recognize and laud the also huge number of my fellow citizens who didn’t check their brains at the door… So I’m making only rhetorical blanket statements, as shorthand for the whole package of stuff in my head…

Suffice it to say that I’d wear out my fingers, and as a documented 66-wpm typist, you’d knock out before I’d be able to finish.

So it is, my mishpocheh, that I wish you well, I’ll attempt to be more “daily,” but there’s a lot of life off-line at present, so I’m given to late-night musings over a cold one…

I’d ask you all to do as I commit myself:

Keep Resisting!



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