Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 04/02/2017

Damn, people… what the hell would it take???!!!

Yes, I know… I seem to ask that question quite often… but, since no one’s given me an answer, I’ll keep asking…

Good evening, mishpocheh!  Yer ol’ Unk is pretty gobsmacked…

I clearly recall a long-ago conversation I had with someone within my circle of life at the time, where I asked said person if there’s any way she could see even the barest possibility that she might have had a particular vibe wrong… The vehemence of the “NO!!!!” I received said volumes…

So here we are, with a disturbingly huge number of our fellow citizens who are of the same cloth… only, now, they’ve added, to the specifically American-style Evangelical Protestantism referred to in the previous paragraph, not merely Republican Party sensibilities, but the specific, extremely narrow interpretation which, to them, is the only correct worldview that seems to have every one of those folks of my knowledge or acquaintance terrified that they may just have made a very huge mistake, in their abject and undying admiration for the strange bombast who’s been married 3 times, cheated with each succeeding spouse on her predecessor, couldn’t give an accurate Bible quote if his life depended on it, and has given no evidence that his internal life has ever been devoted to anything other than receiving praise and adulation from other people, and materially enriching himself… yet equally terrified that any alternative is “deluded, deceived, or downright demonic.”

Was it because he opportunistically decided, after a life of touting himself as “pro-choice,” to make all the right noises (“the best words,” in his parlance) against reproductive rights?  Is it because a certain so-called “news” organization gave him months and months of free and friendly coverage?  Perhaps a certain former governor of Arkansas along with the nowhere near his father’s quality son of a evangelical preacher decided to hitch their wagons to him?

Is it that these folks have so deeply imbibed at the fountain of crap that insists that, no matter how faulty, venal, evil and ridiculous the hard-right-wing has shown itself to be, that those of us to their left, or anyone who doesn’t grant carte-blanche adulation to the vibes just have to be orders of magnitude worse?

I don’t freaking get it.

I really don’t… At least some of my personal knowledge seem to be otherwise quite intelligent people… So why this cultish adulation of a bombastic narcissist whose entire life is a repudiation of what they, at least presumably, consider worthwhile?

The evidence regarding the venality and rapacious nature of Mr. Trump is irrefutable, to anyone that doesn’t consider WND, Fox, Breitbart, RedState and the rest as the only fonts of truth.

Anything that doesn’t fit the narrative is “fake news?”  Seriously?  Yet for 8 years, the previous occupant of the big chair, his family, and, since the 90’s, the lady who ran for the same chair, have been subjected to the most hair-on-fire conspiracy-freak crap, with no more credible evidence than an internet chain-letter or so…

I’m sorry, mishpocheh, but all I can muster for such people is deep contempt and disgust, and I’m damned sick and tired of trying to play nice, and buying into their “both sides do it” nonsense.

Both sides don’t do it, fools… For cryin’ out loud, even the paranoid old shit, Nixon, believed he was acting in the best interest of the nation… rather than his bank account, and those of his associates, for the most part…

Can anyone possibly believe that if the tiniest fraction of the things, for which there is actionable evidence, were to have taken place under the previous administration, that the attitude would be “Bygones… let’s look forward,” or “Fake news” or any of the other bullshit?


So, once again, I quite wearily find myself just doing as I can, and offering to all that we all must

Keep Resisting!



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