Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 04/10/2017

Just a few personal Pesach (Passover) reflections

Good Day, my mishpocheh!

My lovely wife and I are enduring jitters, awaiting word regarding the house we have chosen as our forever-home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I stated in a comment on my Facebook wall that we are seriously done with the state of Texas, and, while there may be some that will comment “good riddance,” to those, I have offered that the feeling is mutual.

I also stated, as a statement to which I willingly bind myself, that for our true friends, the door will always be open.

Now, on to business…

There are those, amongst my acquaintances, friends, and other relationships, that have no understanding of Judaism, nor the vast landscape of such faith’s adherents…

A clue for some… The Jewish faith is not the same thing as the Likud Party of Mr. Netanyahu, nor is it a carte blanche for kicking people off the lands they and their ancestors have occupied for untold generations.

The season of Pesach (Passover), as well as the Christian observance of “Holy Week” is an observance that the Hebrews were strangers in a strange land, and were slaves in another country, whether or not the actual history matches the Tanakh…

We remember that we were, and have been for more than 3,000 years, seen as “foreigners” in the lands in which we were born… Even in comparatively recent history, we Jews were seen as aliens in the lands in which we took birth…

Yet, we’ve elected a bombastic, pugnacious and cocky jerk, who somehow found it necessary to appoint those with nothing better to offer than so-called “white supremacism,” papering it over by seeming to say that his son-in-law, Mr. Kushner, is one of the “good ones.”

Let’s also remember, my mishpocheh, that a certain insane and bizarre Austrian corporal depended on a Jewish physician to keep him up on amphetamines, pain-killers, and other meds… Some Jews are useful to even their sworn enemies…

We, or in our name, have blown a few holes in the Syrian desert, with half-a-C-note of Tomahawk missiles, with the Syrian airfield being back up and operational within 24 hours, and that makes this jerk seem to be “presidential.”

Weapons of mass-distraction, anyone?

Yet, none of the children living in abject terror  will be considered for admission as refugees to our shores, as, as Amb. Haley said, their parents have to come with, and gee… maybe they harbor some animosity against their attackers. (You, me, and all of us here in this nation)

I’ll remind you once more, then close out for the day, that the Hebrews, per the Torah, were strangers in a strange land, and were commanded to welcome the stranger, as they were such themselves.

But, yeah… let’s go bomb some brown people who call G-d by the same name that Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians call him…

A blessed Pesach to those of my faith, and a memorable and reflective Easter to my Christian friends, as well as a blessed Ostara to those of the faith of my lovely wife.

No matter what, though, my mishpocheh, I, as always, will remind you to

Keep Resisting!



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