Uncle Paul’s “Daily” Rant for 05/15/2017

Good morning, my friends and mishpocheh…

I know it’s been a while, but buying a house in Albuquerque and getting our aching old asses out of Texas in general and El Paso specifically has consumed a lot of time and energy and has been a priority.

Just wanted to share with you a posting I made on a particular FB group regarding Mother’s Day, the antics of the presumed “First Family” and what seems important in that very strange family.

On another FB page a thread from some Trumpeteer lauding the folks inhabiting the WH and Trump Tower simultaneously, there have been some discussions on what has become a grand and a half of comments. Lots of folks slut-shaming Ms. Trump, and some just being really foul…

That said, I don’t pity the woman, as I have used the old fable as an analogy…

A frog gave a scorpion a ride across a river, only to be stung to death reaching the other shore… All the scorpion said as the frog was painfully dying was “What did you expect? I’m a scorpion, and you knew what I was when you picked me up.”

Let she or he who has ears to hear think about that for a moment.

I’ll grant that the woman has likely been having thoughts about just what the hell she got herself into, but she got herself into this thing… Obviously she has no interest in any of the sort of things the spouse of the sitting President usually does… She likely figures that this “President” thing is his thing, and she wants no part of it… Can’t blame her for that, but perhaps growing up in a former Soviet bloc country inspired greed for lucre… She has to know that she’s merely eye-candy and a trophy wife for an orange bombast who only loves himself, and what he can get out of things.

The one that has my sympathy is the young 10 or 11 year old, Barron.

He didn’t ask for the particular family in which he was born, and I will grant that, from all I’ve seen, Ms. Trump seems to dote on her son… Trump obviously doesn’t give a half a shit, apart from the occasional photo op…

And did the orange bastard bother to spend any time with any of the 3 women who bore him children? Nope… he was out on his Trump National thing in Virginia… playing golf…

It was Mother’s Day, fercryinoutloud… I would have loved to have spent the entire day with my lovely wife and my late mother… The former was a given, and it was a lovely and gentle day… The latter, I so deeply regret that it’s not possible, as Mama passed in March of 2015… But I damned sure wouldn’t be out with the fellas playing golf (I don’t play golf but would like to learn), or as is more likely, out in some bar without my wife, blowing my sax… It ain’t that kind of a day, and whether or not anyone thinks it’s a fake holiday, it’s been a thing since the 1850’s, and I so wish I could have spent the day with my Mama…

Trump is, has always been, and always will be, until his taste for greasy potato chips and Big Macs gives his flabby heart a waitaminnit moment, a selfish and self-centered bastard… May such be soon and drastic, BTW.  At this point, though be forewarned that that statement may be seen as hateful to some…

Not sorry, though, and “Frankly my dears, I don’t give a damn.”  (h/t the late Clark Gable)

I’ve had a few people that seem to be members of that rapidly shrinking Cult of Trump who have made snide comments, and some whose hair seems to be permanently on fire…

But, y’know… most people, even amongst those who voted for the schmuck are having second thoughts…

Soon… well… y’know that toxic sludge left in the coffee pot after it’s been left on all night? That is, to me, an apt comparison to what are the epitome of Trump’s statement during the primaries that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and he’d still have yuuge support…

So, as always, my mishpocheh, but now more than ever,

Keep Resisting!



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