An introduction and re-introduction

Hello, my mishpocheh… That I seem to have some new friends and readers of this blog, and some friends of older relationship that don’t know me as well as they think they do or have…

Please accept the following as my own Apologia pro Vita Sua (with apologies to Cardinal Newman)

On Feb. 14th of 2017, I shall enter my 60’s… (for those that dare compare me to Cupid, I’ll caution you that it is also the anniversary of the Chicago Massacre… <evil grin and cackle>)

I intend, by this about to be rather wordy bio, an opportunity to know your humble correspondent, or at least to understand from where I proceed.


I was born in Santa Monica, California, 14 Feb ’57 as “David Peterson.”  I was apparently the product of an “oops,” and Ms. Peterson was supported by my beloved late parents and I was adopted at birth… Although I do not bear my birth name, and was never addressed as anything other than “Paul” I honor the noble lady who bore me, and wish her all the best in this life and the next.

My life has been a “Tale of Two Cities” thing… the best of times, and the worst of times, but each life experience has served to mold me into the man I hope I am, and especially what I hope to be.

I’ll not go into the whole gory story of my life, for better and for worse, first, because it’s none of anyone’s damned business, and then, as it’s unlikely to change anyone’s mind about anything… so this is a “nutshell” bio.

I have been diagnosed as being on the highest-functioning end of the autistic spectrum, and was born, as well, with major depressive disorder… have been under effective treatment for the latter, and have come to terms with the former for a couple of decades now.

I have 2 grown (one pushing 40) daughters, 4 grown step-kids, and, between my lovely wife and myself, 16 grandchildren, ranging from just over 2 years to almost 18.

I am an honorably served veteran of the US Army, Vietnam-era/Cold War, served as a Nike Fire Control Crew Chief on a nuclear missile site, left the service with a grade of SGT/E-5, a Re-up code of 1A, and an at the time valid security clearance of Top Secret/Crypto.

Most of my adult life has been provided for by a 10-year career in broadcasting, then the remaining years as a systems analyst, developer, and IT support professional.

And, I have, since birth, been a native musician… I tell folks that computers are what I’ve done and what I use, but music is what I am.

My beloved late Mama was an old Black Irish Oklahoma Southern Baptist, who was the most elegant and ladylike a woman most would ever encounter… Equally at home with the high Brahmins of ABA and CBA aristocracy (the latter, the Cali. Bar Assn.), as she was with down-home folks doing the twist.

My beloved late Pop was quite possibly the most absolutely ethical and honorable attorney in CBA and the Hollywood Bar Assn.’s histories… a rather secular, but never atheist, Jewish man, whose father was Orthodox, and whose brother was Conservative, and a proud member of the B’Nai B’rith… I hope they honor my adoption of a liberal version of the faith of their and our fathers.

I am a proud at least 3rd generation Master Mason, and at least 2nd generation Brother of the 32nd degree… Since the records of Galicia/Poland were destroyed by the 3rd Reich, I don’t have any familial or fraternal lineage before that time.

So now you know that this admittedly kinda flaky old Jewish hippie is not quite the lunatic some consider, are my views still so strange?

NB:  My first album, “Full Circle” is being released later this month as being done by

The Dave Peterson Project, featuring Paul Julian Gould