It’s been a long, long time….

Good Day, All!

It’s been entirely too long, and I’ve neglected this blog… Since the “selection” of 01/20/2017, and that there seems to have been some following on Facebook (yes, I went to the dark side once again… sigh…)

I decided I’d not let the crazies take over, and am doing a daily feature on my wall I call “Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant”

This is a more flexible venue, and I will be doing the feature here, and link to it, as I’ve been invited to be a contributor on another group there, why re-invent the wheel?

Formatting here is more flexible, and I can do my re-write of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, or volumes 3 through 8 of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, inclusive, as it seems I am wont to do. Screw it… I’m on the spectrum, and it kinda goes with the territory.

The next entry will be yesterday’s UPDR, hopefully later this morning.

I don’t know if anyone follows this place any longer, but I will be inviting folks there to read it here.

Trolls will not be tolerated, as this is private property… my blog, my rules, and the 1st Amendment will not apply.

Some will see this as “intolerant” of opposing viewpoints, but those who know me, know differently…

I just refuse to tolerate the intolerable, and those who only seek to spam, or otherwise abuse me, WordPress, or those who choose to frequent this will be flushed without fanfare, but flushed, they will be.

Welcome back, to any and all that choose to read my musings… Some of you I know from the other venue, others are new friends over the past few years, and others are offline as well as online friends I’ve known, some since primary school.  .

Let the fun begin!

“Buckle up, It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

— Bette Davis, “Mother Goddam” RIP


Edit, 01/28/2017

I am humbled and overwhelmed that so many have viewed my blog.

I give permission to re-blog or post anything here you may find useful… not that I’m so enamored with my own musings… I think out loud, as it is, and behind a keyboard (as differentiated from verbally.)  I’ll not use my performing name on this blog, as I don’t choose to mix the two vibes, but a private message, or another blog I may open up a link to, as I have the time, sharing my music and compositions, should any be at all interested.

Thank you all for your support, and your visits… few comment, which is cool, but it’s being read, and that’s very, very gratifying and satisfying.

A courtly bow, and deep thanks for permitting me to enter your lives for a little bit.