Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 03/06/2017

Weirdness abounds…

Good day, my mishpocheh!  (I never could get the hang of Mondays, but here we find ourselves nevertheless… <smile>)

After a casual perusing of Facebook and a few of the blogs, it seems that there are still so very many that are inexplicably so sold out to justifying and rationalizing everything about Mr. Trump and his cadre of strange people…

Some of these people have been those who, over the past 8 years, insisted on accusing us who were never blind, nor expected perfection from President Obama, of seeing him as our “Messiah.”  (as a Jewish guy, that has the added deal of being rather blasphemous to me)

Yet the same folks seem to idolize the current occupant of the West Wing, with a degree of adulation that borders on cultic…

President Obama never has been a “Progressive,” and even stated himself that some years back, he’d be seen as a rather moderate Republican…  But for 8+ years, including the night before his first inauguration, the right wing insisted on saying “No” and obstructing every single initiative the man supported…

Those of my friends and mishpocheh that know me on FB as well are quite aware of the food-fight that was engaged a couple of months ago on my wall… Somehow, their 8 years of diss, of rage, of supreme disrespect, and of any story, no matter how guano, and no matter from how discredited a source, that would show Pres. Obama (and then of Sec. Clinton) as being some sort of evil mastermind, while, at the same time, being an inept boob… somehow, some of my acquaintance had the ovaries or balls to say that somehow that was all different.

I asked yesterday “What would it take?”  And I really did ask that question of some, who never had an answer to me… Would the man have to devour a live kitten, washing it down with blood of a newborn baby?  Would he have to grab the female genitalia of one of their family?  What the bleeding hell would it take for at least one of them to at least pause and consider that the “star” to which they’ve hitched their wagons really is an incompetent, unstable and out-of-control, or lacking in any self-control, man that is in over his head?

There are those that are single-issue people, and, since Mr. Trump decided it was more advantageous to make all the “anti-abortion” noises during his campaign, those folks figured he was the only viable choice.  It doesn’t matter to such people that the man is not “pro-life” in any way that label applies (and spoke in favor of freedom of choice all the way up to the campaign for the primary)… that he is given to ranting at zero-dark-thirty against his perceived “enemies” and those who he believes have crossed him in any way, that his predecessor, by name, has now been accused of “tapping his phones,” following the 11-tweet tirade with the inclusion less than an hour later of an unrelated insulting tweet regarding former CA Gov. Schwartzenegger’s departure from Trump’s former reality “The Apprentice” show…

These are things that make me go “Hmmm…”

I will remind some folks who are all about the weirdness that a certain bizarre former Austrian Corporal had things about which they would approve…

The one to which I refer was anti-abortion, as long as his targets were white “Aryans,” was a vegetarian, did not permit anyone to smoke tobacco in his presence, and believed he was fulfilling the “will of G-d.”

I’m disgusted at a large number of my fellow citizens who have bought into the whole package of stuff, that to be a “good, G-dly person,” one also needs to go all-in for whatever the Republican party is, in its most extreme form.  What gives?

I am a liberal Jewish man, Progressive, generally, in my political views, but mostly subscribe to a “live-and-let-live” personal policy, as long as such does not infringe on the rights of either myself, my family, or those whose equal rights are under siege.

But, for some of my acquaintance, I’m either deceived, deluded, or downright demonic, as I refuse to subscribe to an all-or-nothing, binary-thinking, one-way-or-the-other and nothing in-between way of thinking and believing.

I don’t get it, I don’t want to get it, and I strongly suspect that, were I to fully understand such thinking, I’d be seriously diminished by the effort.

What is described as “conservative” these days is not, I’ll offer… But there are some that unthinkingly followed the path from true conservatism to the caricature of the vibe it is now… and such just wandered along, unthinkingly, spoon-fed the stuff until they’ve built up some serious tolerances for the drug that would OD most people.

Again… what the hell would it take for such to at least pause and reflect?  (silly me… such folks don’t reflect much… too much work, and they’re too invested in their individual vibes, rather by fear, exhaustion or whatever)

Couple of links for you to peruse, mishpocheh, and I’ll then close out for this morning.



Here’s a wish for a good week to you all, my mishpocheh, and always remember:

Keep Resisting!



Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 03/05/2017

What would it take???!!!

Good Evening, my mishpocheh!

Reasonably back to normal (or at least as anything about me can be considered “normal.”  <chuckle>

On to business…

There have been times over the past months where I’ve asked various people for whom the Orange Julius Caesar seemingly is incapable of error, exactly what it would take for any one of them to have at least a pause… at least a “waitaminnit.”

It seems that for some, the man could stomp a live kitten, scoop it up and eat it, and wash it down with the blood of a newborn baby, and they’d either disbelieve it, figure he had a good reason, or just figure that somewhere, somewhen, a Democrat (or “Demoncrat,” as they seem to prefer) has done the same thing, or worse, and said Democrat would undoubtedly be either in the Obama or Clinton families…

It seems that some are fearful that if any part of the entire parcel of stuff upon which they base their entire existences were to show up as wrong, then the whole package will come crashing down around their ears.

Case in point, yesterday morning.

It’s become as regular as the tides that, once Ivanka and Jared Kushner vacate the halls of government by sundown, Friday evening through Saturday evening at sundown, for their observance of the Jewish Shabbat, at some point Mr. Trump will haul out his (again… UNSECURE…) Android phone and go nuts on Twitter, with whatever cerebral flatulence that somehow meanders from his brain to his fingers. (invariably after consuming many hours of Fox News on the tube and Breitbart online)

So, yesterday morning, the guy blasted out a series of tweets accusing Pres. #44 of tapping the lines in the Trump Tower…

Mr. Trump is either lying, mistaken, or this is a bigger thing than Watergate ever pretended to be…

For your somewhat humble ol’ Unk, I’d place my token on either option 1 or option 2.

Intelligence agencies are saying they don’t know what the hell he’s talking about with his accusations that Pres. Obama ordered such a thing…


And others have stated that should any FISA court have OK’d surveillance, while the ruling itself, and any details would be classified, unless unclassified by the POTUS (yeah… that’ll happen), then no president can order such a thing… It was put in place that a president can’t, after the Nixon/Watergate fiasco of the mid-70’s…

From my readings, the FBI requested a surveillance thing, due to spurious communications with the Russian government… Apparently, the initial request was denied by the court, due to its being overly broad…

The FBI re-wrote the request, narrowing the focus, and the FISA court approved the request.

For those of us who don’t depend on InfoWars, World Net Daily, Fox and Breitbart, that a FISA court permitted such a thing indicates that there was some evidence that needed exploring.

Such things are really not much out of the ordinary, in the times in which we live, but there’s a different emphasis and awareness when the sitting president does a series of tweets accusing his predecessor of basically treason, then follows it up with an ad hominem insult against Arnold Schwarzenegger regarding the latter’s departure from The Apprentice?

A weird dude that a certain fraction of the mass of eligible voters decided was a stable, mature and competent president…

Personal request… would someone among his keepers either take away his phone, turn off the TV, or convince the officer with the so-called “football” (the big briefcase cuffed to her/his wrist with the nuclear launch codes, and certain other items) to just say “No?”

What a weird-assed week this is shaping up to be…

So, my mishpocheh, as always,

Keep Resisting!




Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 03/02/2017

Good Day, Mishpocheh!

Yer ol’ Unk’s not been as “daily” as I’d like, but we’re getting there.

There is so much going on… Some see it as nothing more than folks on the port side of the boat being “sore losers,” and all that…

Big diff happens to be that there is nothing folks on this side of the aisle have manufactured, and that there are real issues about this current administration that can’t be explained away by the Fox News talking points.

As an aside, is anyone who is not totally sold-out to the Orange Julius Caesar (and I know a few who seem to be… any criticism doesn’t fit their narrative, so it’s just … well… whatever they claim it to be, rather than the truth), Mr. Trump’s predecessor was able to regularly conduct a speech, a talk, or anything else without chewing the carpeting, climbing the drapes, or swinging from the chandeliers.  That Mr. Trump’s latest address, to a joint session of Congress was more soft-spoken, the guy gets a pass on everything he said?  Seriously?

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (whom some have described as rather a dark elf…) can’t seem to decide if he misled Congress, lied, or just “misspoke” regarding any personal contact he had with Russian diplomats, and is being asked by both D and R people to recuse himself from any hearings regarding the “Russian Connection” issues between the Trump campaign (and now Administration), and up until now, the man has refused…

Sen. Rand Paul has stated that he sees no reason for the Republican Administration to decide to investigate what issues would have been trumpeted to the high heavens, and occupy every daily news cycle under the previous Administration.

And the current occupant of the West Wing, as he kept a comparatively moderate “tone” during his speech, is seen as a latter-day Mr. Rogers all of a sudden, and since he didn’t foam at the mouth and spit flames, he’s now somehow “Presidential” …

There’s trouble in River City, friends, but, since there are so many among us that are convinced that no matter how corrupt and batcrap the Republicans are, the Democrats just have to be orders of magnitude worse, and “deluded, deceived and downright demonic”… ’cause… reasons… (not good ones, mind you… just what they’ve gotten from Breitbart, One America News Now, WND, Fox News and their “pastor.”)

When we have professional diplomats, who have served under both Republican and Democratic administrations mourning the “Death of America,” there’s no happy-talks, “G-d’s in control,” or disses at people like me that can explain away what is now taking place, my mishpocheh:


I’m sorry if this posting is such a downer, but dammit, there’s not one helluva lot of good things one can say, manufacture or try to use as a positive…

“O, Brave New World that hath such people in it.”

So, as always, it’s with a weary heart that I ask you, mishpocheh, to

Keep Resisting!



Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/27/2017

It’s been a few days, I’m aware… deep apologies

Good day, mishpocheh!  I beg your indulgence, as yer ol’ Unk has had some health issues… Delighted that my throat surgery was successful, that the issues were “only” an ulcer/lesion on my left vocal chord, and that my voice is finally coming back, for the first time in months… since this past August, actually.

I haven’t taken a hiatus, precisely, but just haven’t really been up to ranting for the past week…

I’m back, and thank you all for the support and the kind thoughts and prayers… ha-Shem obviously heard them, as each day has seen serious improvement!


OK… on to business.


Mr. Trump’s chosen spokesbot, Sean Spicer, is so troubled by the leaks from the staffers that he’s taken to confiscating personal and government-issued smartphones and devices.  Never mind the reasons why whomever the staffers have reasons for trying to get the word out… never mind that there is more than one staffer/2- or 3-tier personnel doing it… and never mind that at least one leaker has stated that she/he still remains a dedicated Republican who is appalled by what’s going on in the West Wing…



Never mind that Pres. Obama served 8 years in the big chair with the only “scandals” being those manufactured by his opponents, that his family conducted themselves with dignity due their positions… never mind that both Pres. Obama and his noble spouse took whatever mocking in stride and played along with the vibe with humor and thick skins. (OMG… Ms. Obama was slammed unmercifully for baring her shoulders and arms [never mind that Ms. Trump has nude photos that Pat Robertson dismissed as “art photos”] and for suggesting that kids in school might want to eat healthier)

I remind you, mishpocheh, that Pres. Trump has been in office for a month, by which time his predecessor had already signed the Lily Ledbetter act into law (basically equal pay for equal work), and many other positive measures.

Presently?  We have a guy that can’t keep his fingers off his … ahem… UNSECURE smartphone and is still given to late-night tweeting marathons, slamming his perceived enemies, and conducting the nation’s business in 140 characters or less.

The guy is such that other nations have been holding formal debates as to whether or not to extend invitations for state visits.  The guy is such that so many people asked to take a position in the administration (the latest being who was asked to be Secretary of the Navy and withdrew his name for consideration) … folks who actually have consciences have realized that their credibility would be damaged by association… http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/26/politics/navy-secretary-nominee-bilden-withdraws/

This is the true Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight, yet those of us who voice our outrage are the “haters.”  All the news media are described by the Orange Julius Caesar as enemies of our nation, unless they unabashedly and unequivocally speak well of him…

Yet, we have among us so many that resort to quoting the most batcrap, ultra-rightwing sources and blogs to try to bolster their convictions that the man can do no wrong, and any criticism is seen as near-treason…

That old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times” is in serious operation, and I’d love to find the fool who invoked it and throttle such a person with all that’s in me.

Ah, well… so here we are.

May you have a lovely week, my mishpocheh, and always remember,

Keep Resisting!



Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/21/2017

A Well-Oiled Machine?  Seriously?

Good Day, My Mishpocheh!  Glad to be back among you! (gratitude and explanation at the end of today’s rant.)

We have  President who can’t stay off Twitter, and who even makes an address regarding the horrid anti-Semitic acts and hoaxes around the nation all about him.

And, we have a Vice-President who is finding himself in the position of even going to Brussels to do nothing better than damage-control due to the late-night habits of his boss, tweeting whatever brain-farts occur to him at that hour… and due to his habit of “shooting from the hip” and giving unscripted, long, rambling and, frankly, batcrap addresses…

And we have his sold-out supporters (who seem to be invested in “Well, however evil the R’s are, my favorite right-wing media, my FB subscriptions and my pastor assure me that the D’s are orders of magnitude worse”) who seem to grasp at any straw to try to prop up the dude and his mis-administration, and give what amounts to nothing better than cultish behavior… Because, as it seems, in a binary-thinking mindset (good/evil, a/b, is/isn’t, 1/0) if one thing in the vibe is proven wrong, the whole thing might come crashing down…

We have, in the Secretary of Education, a person who has no understanding of public education, except that she hates it.  We have a Secretary of the EPA (signed into law by a radical Republican President, one Richard M. Nixon… which shows just how far to the right that Overton Window has moved) who has spent his career railing against the department he now heads.

We have, in the person of Mr. Steve Bannon, a man who has publically described himself as a “Leninist,” (which is really weird, considering my next statement). This is a man who stated he was all about bringing down all the traditional institutions, who ran (and still maintains tight connections with) one of the most hardcore, ultra-rightwing websites on the planet.  And, he is one of the closest and most senior advisors to our current President.

There have been many leaks of information regarding the chaos taking place in the West Wing, the morale amongst the 2nd-tier staff in the crapper, and yet it seems to be more important to #45 and his senior staff to try to ferret out the source of the leaks, rather than explore the reasons why such folks feel the need to get the word out.

All the while, Pres. Trump is given to stating that his admin. is running like a well-oiled machine, that every news organization excepting those that tout his party-line is an enemy of the people of this nation.

There is a career CIA official who just resigned, as he says he can’t in good faith serve this administration:


That, to me, says quite a bit…

And, for those that just think it’s dandy that the First Lady invited all at Mr. Trump’s “all about me” rally to pray the Lord’s Prayer, while there are multiple more important issues than this, your humble blogger is Jewish… I have friends and family who are Christian (in one of the myriad expressions or another), there are friends who are Muslim, Hindu, Pagan and many other expressions of spirituality… Yet, it’s just fine that the First Lady of the US invokes an expressly Christian prayer, with, seemingly, no understanding that such may or may not speak for all the people… For some of my acquaintance, it’s also indicative that, however much they happen to be convinced that their path is the only correct one, this doesn’t make it so.

There are so many other things I’ll address in a further rant, but this is today’s.


Personal notes:

I’ve been off the blog for a few days, my mishpocheh, due to an issue with my throat that’s persisted since last August.

I had surgery on my throat last Friday, and I’m pleased to say it’s nothing worse than an ulcer/lesion on my left vocal chord.  We live in El Paso, Texas… 100 years of ASARCO (smelter) which also burned plenty of other items over the decades, the residue having settled in the Chihuahua Desert sand, 150 years of Ft. Bliss and whatever military yuck settled, and high winds that present all of that to anyone susceptible… I’ve had horrid coughing fits over the past year or so, and it seems to have hit the vocal chord.

I’ll not belabor the concern over what such a thing could have been… I’ll just say that I’m delighted it isn’t, and that each day sees me with my voice coming back.

To all who have PM’d me, FB’d me, and otherwise contacted me with their best wishes, blessings and prayers, I’m eternally grateful for your love and your concern.

For better or for worse, Uncle Paul’s back on the air and feeling feisty and curmudgeonly… <big grin>

Blessings to you all, may you have a good week, and, always remember:

Keep Resisting!



Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/15/2017

OK… I’ll admit that there’s much that confuses me these days…


But what has never made any sense to me is how so deeply invested in a vibe one is that any variation from that vibe seems to inspire a primal and visceral terror…

Case in point (and knowing yer old Unk, how could I avoid it?), our current mis-Administration.

(oh… BTW… good evening, my mishpocheh… <embarrassed grin>)

The proposed Cabinet is hemorrhaging personnel, the resigned National Security Advisor still faces some serious questioning from bi-partisan Congressional committees at the least, let alone from some other agencies of our security system, the Orange Julius Caesar is slamming the national security agencies (never a wise move for any president, BTW), and the supposed “liberal” media, rather than working on his own political household…

And, yet… I was treated to the spectacle of a person who shall remain nameless, due to otherwise personal respect, and that she’ll never read this anyway…

This person decided that yesterday was a perfect opportunity to post some ridiculous meme done by a fringe FB group referring to itself as “Conservative Patriots,” documenting a supposed laundry list of “crimes” attributable to Pres. Barack Obama, whom, lest anyone forget, is not in office.

So, clue me in here… Is this an example of “yeah, we suck, but you guys suck, too!” or just misdirection, or what the hell?

I’ve seen some folks… some of whom, for sanity’s sake I just had to unfriend and block… a very few I am not FB friends with, but never comment… just so I can see what the lunatic fringe is about these days… I’ve seen folks that are desperately grasping at whatever straws at their disposal to, apparently, avoid the uncomfortable idea that they might just have a few, if not everything wrong…

Welcome to being a grownup, folks… I much prefer the example of the character of Gil Grissom in the original CSI : Crime Scene Investigators, when he was accused of never admitting he was ever wrong.

Grissom’s answer was priceless:  “Oh, I’m often wrong… it’s how I get to right.”


We are now faced with the spectacle of a retired Lt. Gen. having provided information to the government of Russia, prior to the Nov. election, regarding the sanctions imposed on that country by the gentleman who actually was the POTUS at the time…

We have POTUS whose executive offices are being blocked out of reception of classified information, as the 3-letter agencies know precisely who is listening.


I’ll not belabor the point that the purported “Administration” is shedding people, inviting federal investigation for a raft of issues, and that the so-called “Boss” can’t either stay the hell off of his UNSECURE Android device, tweeting his every brain fart, and also finds it acceptable to conduct the nation’s secure business in a publicly accessible part of his Florida resort, where he tends to spend each and every weekend…

Oh… pardon me… “public” as far as anyone with (currently) 200K USD can join…

No questions asked… no “affiliations” required, obviously…

So, my mishpocheh, I once again wearily offer you Shalom Aleichem, and offer that, however thankless a task it may seem… it’s a mitzvot (a good deed recognized by G-d, as it’s done without expecting a return)…

Keep Resisting!



Uncle Paul’s Daily Rant for 02/14/2017

So Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn has resigned… and Mar-A-Lago leaks like a sieve…

I… I just… does no one else realize the abject lunacy of what we, as a nation, have wrought?

After weeks of denial, Mr. Trump’s National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. (ret) Michael Flynn came clean and admitted that he provided the Russian Govt. with information regarding Pres. Obama’s sanctions against that country, implying that a Trump presidency would remove them.

And now, all the surrogates are on national talk shows, and their willing, sold-out drones amongst our fellow citizens,  asking, once again, for “bygones,” and expecting a Kumbahyah moment because, supposedly, “Pres.” Trump is the new-guy, just a NY bumpkin, unaccustomed to y’all’s big-city DC customs…





A few new things to chew on, my friends, if this is not chilling enough.

Mr. Trump hosted the Japanese prime minister at his resort in Florida, Mar-A-Lago.

Fair enough.

But, here we go… Some things to consider.

  • Regarding the North Korean missile launch, Mr. Trump took the call, sitting at an outdoor, Unsecure restaurant table, with PM Abe there, and who knows who was sitting at a nearby table?  Membership at Mar-A-Lago is $200,000.  No questions asked, regarding other… ummm… “affiliations.”
  • To add insult to injury, there is a certain wealthy patron, who has been a big-time contributor to the Trump presidency, and joined Mar-A-Lago a week before the inauguration, when membership didn’t cost quite as much.
    • http://www.rawstory.com/2017/02/i-cant-believe-it-internet-loses-it-over-apocalyptic-selfie-of-trump-fan-with-the-nuclear-football/
    • There is a certain military officer who follows the POTUS 24/7, 3-steps behind and to the left… This officer has a big-honkin file case handcuffed to his wrist. Contained therein, are the codes and protocols for authorizing the use of nuclear weaponry. This officer is, by design, not necessarily anonymous, but rather subdued about his or her role… Normally, the officer tries to stay out of the public light, as far as necessary.
    • NB:  Since the man with more money than sense decided to go on Twitter and post a photo about the officer and himself, complete with comment… what gives?
    • C4jf-fFWcAADrJs (2).jpg


This, my mishpocheh, is the same sort of crew that spent untold tax dollars on more than a dozen “hearings” regarding Benghazi, still persist in insulting former Pres. Bill Clinton regarding such things that are really none of anyone’s business.

This is the crew that, even on Facebook, post such abject hatred and nonsense still, regarding Pres. Obama, Sec. Clinton, and those of us who supported them.

This is the crew that, nonetheless, expect us to “move on” and “go forward” regarding these scandals that really are actionable events regarding national security.


Personal note:

Today is my 60th birthday… just kind of a “wow” moment, not a bad thing, but more of a matter of “well, here I am… Have I learned anything useful up to this point?”

I’d like to offer a deep and abiding thanks and respect to all that have sent me PM’s, FB postings, and all, wishing me well.

I love y’all, my mishpocheh and I offer you Shalom Aleichem, and, as always:

Keep Resisting!